ShareProphets 'Editor' Vacancy! Who will get the job? More to the point who wants the job? LOL!!!

  • Pmsl - 5 years ago

    Fantastic news. Good scoop Bmd. Voted for jihadi J. A corpse has more intelligence than Ben guys a real nob.

  • Qeforever - 5 years ago

    Toms now pretending the drug seller Turney isn't actually being fired. It's a demotion. Turney is one of those pricks who always seem to get it wrong. Sad loser imho. Real wally thicko

  • James Berry - 5 years ago

    Whogives a flying fcuk? Turney is no different to most tipsters. A toerag an an liar. Dealing drugs or legal highs shows the hypocrisy of winnifrith. shiteprophets are shite. simple as a.b.c. reading his an toms dribbles reminds of a semi illiterate scousers. Gobby an thick.

  • Tom Winnifrith - 5 years ago


    I have not fired Ben. We at SP are reorganising.


  • Ben Turney - 5 years ago

    I have not been sacked. Another defamation. I am going freelance.


  • Ben Turney - 5 years ago

    I run shareProphets Tom is my lackey. He'd be lost without me!!!!!

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