Which match-up is college football's fiercest rivalry?

  • ousux - 5 years ago

    How do you not include TEXAS vs ou in this poll? The "Red River Rivalry"!

  • skooter beans - 5 years ago

    Texas vs. ou is by far the "fiercest". Sad you didn't include that as an option.

  • A Hans - 5 years ago

    If it were still in existence, I would have ranked the Univ of Texas vs Texas A & M as the fiercest. The teams always played on Thanksgiving Day and it was usually a sell-out. Students didn't mind giving up one of their 'days off' to attend the game. The match ended when A&M joined the SEC a few years ago.l

  • Roger Messer - 5 years ago

    FSU has played the U of Miami longer. The U is our rival. HOWEVER, The Florida Gators are our ENEMY. It almost took an act of the legislature to require UF to play us. Evan then, they required it to be only with SEC refs. This resulted in the theft of victory in 1966 when Lane Fenner (FSU wide receiver) was pictured in every newspaper in the state with the winning touchdown in his grasp in the end zone with both feet in bounds. SEC ref Moseley was waving it off and indicating "out of bounds). This was very much like the two non-callof pass interference by SEC refs in overtime against FAU which preserved a tainted win this past weekend. To say FSU fans hate the slimy lizards from Gainesville is an understatement. Our two favorite teams are FSU and whoever is playing Florida this weekend.

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