On average, how many days does it take your utility between reading meters and mailing bills?

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  • Dianne - 4 years ago

    Our city is divided into 4 quadrants. We send bills each Thursday for the meters read during the previous week.

  • Dianna - 4 years ago

    We start reading on or around the 17th of the month and bills go out on the last business day of the month.

  • Danny - 4 years ago

    We read all meters, do our cut-off and calculate and print bills all within a 7 day period for 9,000+ meters

  • Lorraine - 4 years ago

    We read meters between the 15th and 20th (weather depending) quarterly. Re-read questionable meters within 2-4 days after that, then if everything looks ok we wait until the 29th then print and mail the bills on the 30th. This is a small town. The bills are dated for the 1st, God forbid they come out any earlier than that.

  • Patrick - 4 years ago

    We start reading meters on the 1st of the month. Cycle one is billed on the 15th and cycle two is billed on the 25th. So it is probably 10 - 12 days or so at the most from the time the meter is read until the bill is printed.

  • Jimmy - 4 years ago

    It should not take more than 7 days at the most

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