Do you think reducing garbage collection in Sudbury to two bags, every other week, is a good idea?

  • Elmer Bichel - 5 years ago

    I live on Vancouver island. Our municipality of north cowichan has compost/food scraps pick up from kitchen (not garden or outdoor compost) pickup weekly. On that same day, one week you can also put out your one can of waste and the next week your unlimited amount of recycling (not incl. film plastic) is picked up. Very little if nothing in my waste smells and I can and often go four weeks between putting waste out. The key to this program is the kitchen scraps collection program. It is now second nature to have little or no waste to put out at the curbside. If your local gov't does not have curbside pick up of kitchen scraps lobby your council.

  • SudburyFamily - 5 years ago

    I don't see what the fuss is about. We've got 7 people in our family and only have one bag a week. Two bags every second week means I don't have to rush and get the garbage out every week.

  • Jacques Robillard - 5 years ago

    I would rather see the city remove fluoride from are tap water, this poison is causes cancer and many other toxic diseases and the city would save millions each and every year by not purchasing it and also by not having to do the maintenance and repairs this product does at the water treatment sites, this is a way to savings, a healthier population, since b adding it to our municipal water system it forces everyone to bathe and cook and drink poisoned water.

  • sylvie R - 5 years ago

    Did they consider changing recylce pick up to bi-weekly instead?

  • M. Oldham - 5 years ago

    Compromise might be -Weekly compose pick up with 4 bags garbage every two weeks . Have you considered bears, ravens/ crow and summer heat issues and those without sheds or garages for storage ????

  • Mike durochet - 5 years ago

    Trim the fat at city hall
    And leave the garbage as is

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