Do you think the expat movement is a bona-fide force in today's world?

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  • David M. Bulger, LL.B., LL.M. - 8 years ago

    I selected "other" because your question is badly phrased. For example, I believe that the US has harmed me and my family, without doubt. (I am less convinced that the issue is one of human rights, but that is another matter). However, your question asks if the ex-pat movement is a "force" and I do not as yet see any evidence that this is the case. The central issue will not be resolved in Canadian courts. Until and unless we can bring the U.S. Government to accept that the extension of its tax law violates fundamental legal, U.S. Constitutional, and political principles, the problem will remain. As long as ex-pats lack the clout to make this happen, nothing essential will change. If the Americans are frustrated in the Canadian courts, they will find another way. (Likely by bringing pressure on the Banks themselves).

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