Do you think the governor's staff should have received retroactive pay raises? (Poll Closed)

  • Yes
    162 votes

  • No
    142 votes


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  • Sungi - 4 years ago

    This poll is fixed. It was view and voted before the public had seen this request. 9 to 1 NO. We are not con stupid a s s o.

  • Lani - 4 years ago

    Deb Mesa's comment is quite interesting. I've heard so much dirty business with calvo but none has ever made news. Why?

  • Jackson - 4 years ago

    Looks like the governors staff finally woke up or made some time from their Waterpark outings to change the votes here. Half those kids in Adelup are there for campaign energy and have no clue on how the government operates. Yet are paid better then hard working cops and nurses. Sad, but this is the government.

  • V - 4 years ago

  • V - 4 years ago

    Wow. Did you see that article listing the Governor and Lt. Gov's staff? Our household income is nowhere NEAR what most of them make! $80,000/year as a Staff Assistant??? Where are the raises for the teachers? What about for the nurses and other medical staff?? Good grief.

  • Jermaine - 4 years ago

    Time for the people like McCreadie and San Nicolas to start their campaigns. Rodriguez and Aguon to put out more "Happy" This or that. Muna-Barnes to tell everyone they're "In Her Heart" and Tony Ada to look all young, innocent, and brilliant. Let's not forget Cruz or Underwood to look stoned and educate us on how wonderful pot will be for our "sick" or pained patients, while Tommy breaks out his governor endorsements amidst his boyish and handsome looks without the brains scheme.

    Voters need to get a clue and STOP voting in these bums. They ALL in one way or another voted to keep their inflated salaries because tell me which one has volunteered to give ALL of it to some charity or back to the tax paying public since receiving it?

  • Virgie - 4 years ago

    PDN is not in bed with Adelupe anymore from the looks of it. If not them, then who? I will renew my subscription nonetheless and hope that they remind the voters of Guam to stop voting in the same ole stupid legislators who pretend to fight the good fight for tax payers. Oh yeah! Don't get me started on the crooked business sector who continually keep the living wage from increasing while they fatten their pockets also and pay off the lawmakers and enforcers. Give a poor tax payer a bone please!

  • Roman - 4 years ago

    For some reason no one seems to take a harder look at the judiciary of Guam or the courts. There are so many democrat cronies and political hires that have found their way there. Is it any wonder why their salaries are so ridiculously high? Their jobs are so fricken easy too and yet the criminal cases and backlog is so immense. People of Guam, WAKE UP! The worse crime of all is taking place every day that real criminals are not being dealt with and crony politics allows so many innocent citizens to be further victimized by inept staff and management at the courts.

  • Brad Hewitt - 4 years ago

    the governor is saying that Cruz needs to stop complaining because the legislature gave out raises as well. Yes, what the legislature did was terrible, but at least they did not pay out $800,000 in retro payments. I just hope that Adelup can find smarter spin doctors, after all if you are going to throw accusations or lies, then at least don't make it sound that obvious.

  • Deb Mesa - 4 years ago

    Someone told me that while these retro payments are paid to these employees on paper, but they have to be paid back to Calvo-Tenorio campaign as contributions. Thus these employees don't actually get the money, but they are just using taxpayer dollars to pay the campaign as a token of appreciation in keeping their jobs. Same with Cabinet members. I wonder if this is true.

  • Stephanie M. - 4 years ago

    Why does the Lt. Governor of Guam need so many employees in his staff. His wife's article in todays paper clearly lists the projects they handle, which include the Islandwide Beautification, the Adopt a Road, Paint Murals and Bustops, this new Seal Park, and other community based projects. I am sure they are not involved in day to day operations of the government. Do you really have to have employees there making $30,000-$75,000 a year for these types of projects. How about asking for volunteers or college students for credit, to get these projects completed?

  • Raymond - 4 years ago

    I bet by the days end, these highly paid leeches will change the outcome of this poll with the taxpayer paid hackers. Right now they are still sleeping.

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