Do you agree with GHURA's decision to implement a lottery system for Section 8 vouchers? (Poll Closed)

  • Yes
    59 votes

  • No
    75 votes


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  • Arcy Castillo - 4 years ago

    Priority should be given to Chamoros. This is their island. No! to lottery.

  • Ryan Justice - 4 years ago

    GHURA is hot water for 'conflict of interest'. Get rid of the corrupted top officials at GHURA and this ship will right itself.

  • DUGAN - 4 years ago

    Agree with Islander 2, our local people should come first, “Helping our own should come first then the migrants after”, has anyone ever taken a survey as to how many “MIGRANTS” are on/in the following?

    1)Waiting list for GHURA

    It would be nice if this was publish in the PDN. On another note, can someone tell me, “Why is it so hard to deport MIGRANTS back to their island if they fail to follow the law”?

    Would love to come back to my Island one day.

  • Brad Hewitt - 4 years ago

    This opens up to additional corruption as political cronies will "mysteriously" win the lottery over those who have been on the waiting list for years. With the way this administration plays its politics, this would not cross my mind.

  • Islander 2 - 4 years ago

    Helping our own should come first then the migrants after , too many Chamorro's need help but it seems like the FAS/FSM get the first dibs.
    I'm probably wrong with that assessment but it sure seems that way.

  • Deb Mesa - 4 years ago

    Do you smell what the rock is cooking? Let's face it Guam, the people have lost all trust and faith in this government, that I am afraid as to what the results of this lottery would be. If Adelup is already hacking such complicated polls, imagine how they could rig this lottery, to make sure their people are victorious. That is the fear that I have, so no to a lottery system, and yes to a recall of Eddie and especially Ray. We need to bring back the trust for our children's sake.

  • Joe Mendiola - 4 years ago

    Shouldn't people with the greatest need among our local US Citizens Residents be the priority in getting help? Help should always begin with our own. Interlopers LAST. Also, wouldn't non-locals and non-citizens be in that lottery pot also along with everyone? That's defeating giving help to those among us in great need of help. No to lottery.

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