Should we use the Natural Capital approach of placing an economic value on nature, in order to protect it?

  • Nimby - 6 years ago

    Politicians and the media have run a fantastic campaign in convincing people that a materialistic lifestyle is essential to 'happiness'. The young end up hog-tied by debt so become slaves to neo-liberalism. Capitalism works in the UK because private companies are subsidised through the public purse.

    So, there is a case that ecosystem services is a way to make them take notice but that needs to be in the context of a responsible long term approach and let's face it politicians plan for short spurts (five years) before they show true colours (directorships, advisers to industry etc.).

    Yes, please definitely raise the ethics but remember that the masses are manipulated and managed by the media as they are now so very much a part of the 'establishment'.

    Remember also that Government is closing down FoI, making JRs expensive (as if the work is sufficiently off putting without additional costs) as well as privatising and selling off so many sections of our national administrative infrastructure under the guise of efficiency savings. Sale of Land Registry then legislate to provide regular income to private corporations? Air traffic control, national security to G4S next?

    All these issues on top of earning a living contrive to distract people from fighting for the natural environment? Rather their naive assumption that we will always have nature we neglect to safeguard it for future generations?

  • Georgina - 6 years ago

    we need to raise the ethical and not keep supporting the lies or theories of the current economic thinking.

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