Should Gov. Eddie Calvo make Adelup employees return their bonuses? (Poll Closed)

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  • Displeased Employee - 5 years ago

    I work for GovGuam, and never in 15 years have I received a lumpsum bonus like so many of these young kids and political hires in the governors office received last year. I don't coordinate political fundraisers, waive, attend pocket meetings or campaign, but I work 10 hours a day and do a good job. This is why I am displeased because there is so much disparity in how classified employees are treated and political hires are benefitted. It took me more then 5 years to earn $25K, and I see these young, inexperienced employees in Adelup earning more then me, and acting like they are all and mighty. Then I see these polls and it really bothers me how they take credit for the work me and my co-workers do, yet they get these huge bonuses.

  • it-is - 5 years ago

    Another rigged poll.

  • Lani - 5 years ago

    Here is how Ray and Eddie's overpaid staff are spending there time rigging these polls.
    Click on red link that will take you to pdn's main web page where you can vote yes or no. You can repeat this process and vote as many times as you want.

  • taotaoyu lokue - 5 years ago

    I have been a govt. employee for 16 years and have never received a bonus or retroactive pay like that. I have worked my way up the ladder simply through hard work. I was due a merit bonus for my hard work (2 years ago) and have yet to receive it, but these unclassified employees got pay raises, some of them by the thousands, plus a "reward" for the hard work they put in while in an unclassified position? I, like many other people, work hard everyday, but come time for my evaluation and salary increment, my pay will only increase by about fifty cents hourly, which is about the average for a government worker and this is sometimes the case with private companies as well. Where is my "justifiable" "reward" for all of my hard work? In the next few months, I will be due again another fifty-cent increment and I may once again qualify for another "justifiable" merit bonus, am I going to have to wait another several years for it as well? Will I be paid retroactively for my merit bonuses??? I think not. After all, I am only a qualified, classified employee working the trenches. But I am human too.

  • Buenas - 5 years ago

    This is the Governors last term, so his legacy would be the "BONUS MAN" and the ''REFUND MAN" he is just trying to make all the people LIKE HIM (lol) so come on people, just let him have his fun, he is no different from all the past Governors, so Eddie Calvo wins hands down !

  • Bias Media - 5 years ago

    If you haven't already noticed it, the media, especially ‪#‎Guampdn‬ is really just anti-government or anti-Governor Calvo. I am sure PDN will not learn from the results from the last election that their slanted and bias stories against the government didn't sway public opinion. Hello...The Governor won again big-time despite your anti-slanted bias stories to sway the people of Guam. Its ironic how hypocritical BJ Cuz & Sen San Nicholas gets so much attention for fighting against pay raises, yet they still love taking the pay. Shouldn't the media call them out and ask that they return the pay then. Donating it shouldn't be an option either, because they stated publicly they don't want it. I look forward to the PDN story on how BJ Cruz is allowed to seriously DOUBLE-DIP (Take money twice from tax-payers) in the legislature. Let's see this story responsible media. - put away the biase stories & find some balance. ‪

  • m - 5 years ago

    There is also the question of criminal wrongdoing on the part of C/T. The question of repayment is obvious, yes it must be repaid. Second, if our esteemed Gov/LtGov paid these raises and it was improper, then they should and must be charged. Violations of Guam Code regardless of position does not get a free pass. If they violated the law, charge both C/T, try them, and remove them from office. I am tired of seeing leaders get free passes while the every day "joe" gets hauled into court. It is time for the people to say "enough is enough" and we are not going to take it anymore. Guam is on the verge of a financial collapse and our leaders are clueless and only care about themselves and they political hacks.

  • L.G. - 5 years ago

    Ya lets fix the schools first and pay the contractors with our good looks. Hello... thats like wiping your @$$ before taking a $h!t

  • L.G - 5 years ago

    There are many people who don't see a problem with these raises/ bonuses. But the two main types are more than likely are the people benefitting from them or people who have moved off island and are not directly affected by the poor decisions these leaders make. Joey, I would like to know which one are you? The staff at adelup are the most affected? lol. What about the kids who were promised adequate education but are dealing with rat infested, hazardous conditions at school. Or the daily commuters who drive through potholes bigger than their cars. I dont even know where to begin with the problems at gmh. Yeah I'm complaining, who the hell in their right mind wouldnt?!

  • RESPECTED - 5 years ago

    Instead of arguing about bonuses why don't we focus on the public schools that need the money. why dont we stop wasting time by fighting who should get a bonus who should get a raise fix the dam schools FIX THE SYSTEM

  • Concerned - 5 years ago

    I agree they return the Bonus, CALVO can CARELESS he wont be running for MR GOV anymore. GUAM IS FULL OF POLITRICKS- looking to make their wallets thicker.

  • Islander 2 - 5 years ago

    The Calvo Admin and our Senators just took the money and laughed all the way to the bank ! It's amazing how they justify all this while so many that would have much more of a priority is pushed aside. Forget the schools ! We got fest pac coming ! Forget all the things the public is concerned about ! We got a Guam seal park to build ! lol !!! Omg ! How will the pay for the maintenance of all this ? Borrow it ! When the funds run short , borrow more money ! Thank you Gov Guam ! Here we come Puerto Rico ! Bankruptcy thanks to the Calvo's , then they will come in and scoop up everything to help bail out Gov Guam , what a crook !

  • Joey - 5 years ago

    so funny about people complaining that adelup staff voting on this poll. why shouldn't they? they are people too and are most affected by this. the governor doesn't need to urge them to vote. if you worked in adelup wouldn't you vote? too bad that most people other than the loud people here that do nothing but complain don't even bother reading the paper much less go online to take a poll. too much work and so much easier to complain. if these polls are easily rigged then why does pdn even bother doing them? these polls are a waste.

  • Deb Mesa - 5 years ago

    The common sense, honest, truthful, smart, realistic, and just plain humane answer is YES. This was theft by deception, and it is unfortunate cause there goes the political future of Ray Tenorio and other members of this cabinet, if they have public service aspirations. This deception will be their legacy. Please don't waste your time campaigning, as I couldn't even shake your hand.

  • Jackson - 5 years ago

    Adelup staffers have truly been earning their bonuses in recent weeks by monitoring and rigging these polls. I guess they are "hard at work" and are continuing to mask the truth from the community. Not even 8am, yet almost 1400 repeated votes from these political hires. Really sad that they are blinded by the true state of our economy. Borrowing money to pay refunds is not a sign of victory, it is called a "band-aid", so please don't continue to use that as a response. As a government employee, I know what hard work represents, and it is about yo begin in a few minutes and I never got 25% raises and $25000 in retro payments.

  • L.G - 5 years ago

    Win win for Pdn and Calvo. False publicity for Calvo Tenorio. While pdn gets the readers its so desperately needs considering kuam as its rival news source. Guam census totals just about match up with pdns followers. Possible?maybe. Likely? Yea right!

  • A. Johnston - 5 years ago

    To right a wrong. Of course!

  • Right... - 5 years ago

    Wow. This is pathetic, rigging the poll to this ridiculous extent. I guess the governor's staff are trying to earn those bonuses.

  • ja - 5 years ago

    The government pay system must be legitimate and based in law, and the merit bonus is strictly for classified employees while the unclassified service has laws set for their pay increases. We hope that they follow the law when authorizing pay increases. Let's be transparent and the proper authorities must do their job to give credibility and honesty to the pay system.

  • REALLY? - 5 years ago

    I guess that the Governor has his "staff" voting on this poll. What a joke. And to see and can only imagine what we don't see regarding the homeless, the less fortunate, and those with medical needs that can't be covered by their insurance. REALLY?

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