Do you support the military buildup? (Poll Closed)

  • Yes
    267 votes

  • No
    105 votes


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  • Basta Umbre - 4 years ago

    Hmmm the Military was here before.. lets not forget how nice NAS, NCTAMS, and all the other areas our government has taken over and made it look like going through hamburger road. If I can remember 10k of military left the island in the late 90's. Prior to that, schools were in good condition, our kids had books, hospital was well stocked with supplies and at one point everyone had a $1000 tax rebate and the restaurants were always packed. might be a good idea to have them back. We might be able to hire more police with the money they bring in as well to counter violence and other crap...or maybe more money for bonuses and raises for our govt population. HAHA! happy holidays everyone!

  • CaughtU!! - 4 years ago

    BS MANN!!!

  • CaughtU!! - 4 years ago

    Watch the PDN people see this and try to cover it up by simply raising the "No" answer another 50 or watch these liars go to work.....

  • CaughtU!! - 4 years ago

    LOL!! Very Very Funny PDN!!!!! I Caught YOU!! You literally LIMITED the "No" Answer to 100.....
    Because you want to show the leaders that the PEOPLE of Guam really support this BS Buildup!!!
    Don't believe these "POLLS" everyone...PDN somehow will RIG it to get the answer THEY want NOT the PEOPLES.WTF do you PDNERS even have this BS Poll anyway?.....anyways caught you!!!!!LOL!!!!BSrs

  • Johnny Wadd - 4 years ago

    This poll has been going on since 2008 so just what is its purpose again? No I DO NOT SUPPORT THE BUILDUP. I do support and am Thankful for my FREEDOM compliments of our Troops that serve our Country, But like CORRUPTION and INCOMPETENCE, we already have PLENTY enough here already.

  • Clarissa - 4 years ago

    I believe that the military complex is something that started during WWII and hence is not a normal state of affairs and should be disbanded with the savings being put to use for humanity. No more war!


  • SaipanPride 670 - 4 years ago

    Although I am from the CNMI, but I feel for our brothers and sisters on Guam will need to deal with the military buildup or at least the bulk of it. Most of us here in the CNMI are against buildup because of the military is planning to do to Tinian and Pagan. We extremely against the live fire ranges and bombing exercises. The military had town hall meetings here, but I am proud of our people for speaking up against the military proposals. When I went to one of those town hall meetings, the military personnel were just shocked. I guess they assumed that since we are from a small island, they thought they could easily persuade us into anything.

  • Eric - 4 years ago

    @Noel Ellardo Just remember this is NOT your island!!! Chamorros should be governor!!! Not Tagalogs

  • Eric - 4 years ago

    NO I DO NOT SUPPORT EXTRA VIOLENCE ON THE ISLAND. All I can say is that there will be more fights and deaths on Guam. Local boys vs Military like it always has been when the Ship comes in. With the build up in...more gang affiliations will rise and I dont blame the locals for protecting OUR ISLAND of GUAM!!!!!!

  • Lg - 4 years ago

    Well said Deb Mesa.

  • Lg - 4 years ago

    Japan spending 309 mil to relocate U.S. soldiers is a clear statement that they want them out of their country. Beware crime rate is about to sky rocket.

  • Deb Mesa - 4 years ago

    I could see many of our people fleeing if Rodriguez ever became governor. It would be the most corrupted and self interested administration in history. Look at his legislative record thus far and ask who his puppet master is. Legalizing gambling for a select few associates has left us with troubled families, more drugs and an inactive urgent care center at GMH. His attempts to raise the fees at GMH is a ploy to destroy the hospital, thus pushing for a privatization bring set up for a certain group. Look at how he beckons to tax breaks for certain groups. He wants to be governor so bad for the title that he will give away the kitchen sink.

  • Joseph - 4 years ago

    Filipinos might have to stand in line. It just might be a chukese governor. Excuse me, but I have to leave now!

  • Noel Ellardo - 4 years ago

    Good for me and my friends and family. We can bring more Filipinos to Guam like before and finally elect Guams first Filipino Governor, Dennis Rodriguez Jr. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

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