Is Iraq better or worse off after Saddam Hussein?

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  • Dinesh Twanabasu - 4 years ago

    First of all the reason WMD for the complete destruction of Iraq is false, It was done only to control OIL of Iraq.
    The bombardment of USA not only killed Saddam Hussain but also destroyed the whole country. It destroyed the infrastructures which are the key elements in the developement of a country. What USA should understand is that Bombs never builds anything except they destroys all valuables. USA destroyed the country but didn't help it in rebuilding. Saddam Hussain was a dictator but he had maintained peace. In a country like Iraq where there are lots of ethnic groups Democracy in such countries don't get better it just worse. USA should mind its own business and protect their civilians in their own country. This illegal wars not only killed innocents in iraq but also increased threat to american people. Shame on USA for illegal Wars.

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