I would like Ramsay Snow to be killed by ...

  • I like pie.
    2 votes

  • I refuse to answer any poll about Ramsay dying. Until he's dead. And they've cut his head off and filled his mouth full of garlic and driven a stake through his heart.
    0 votes

  • What? I don't want anyone to kill Ramsay. Why do you all not like him? He's awesome!
    4 votes

  • Anyone! I don't have a preference who.
    5 votes

  • Fat Walda! If she knows what's good for her and her child, she'll do away with her creepy son-in-law.
    3 votes

  • Ramsay himself! It'd be hilarious if Ramsay slipped on a banana peel and fell onto a workbench of flaying knives.
    3 votes

  • Joffrey! Joffrey faked his death to see how the traitors and usurpers would react. Once word came to him that the Boltons had married Sansa in defiance of Lannister wishes, King Joffrey knew he'd have to take care of business!
    2 votes

  • Stannis! He's too obstinate to die, and his headless body tracks down Ramsay and kills him.
    4 votes

  • Jon Snow! The Battle of the Bastards! Snow Fall! (Ramsay Snow falling, not Jon Snow.)
    8 votes

  • Theon! He's earned it.
    15 votes

  • Sansa. Oh yes, Sansa.
    13 votes


Poll posted 4 years ago.

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