Do you agree that the controversial Coca-Cola Christmas video was racist or offensive?

  • Luke Warmwater - 7 years ago

    Coca Cola makes sugar free drinks, Coke Zero for example, and is available in most stores in Los Cabos. It is the responsibility of parents to advise their children of the choices available. Maybe the school teachers should also educate their pupils fully also....

  • Michael OAX - 7 years ago

    Your commentators fail to realize that growth of self-appreciation is extremely tenuous among Oaxaca's many indigenous groups, after centuries of belittlement and active suppression of their cultures. And the health consequences of the obscene amounts of sugar in most Coke products (and other sugar-based soft drinks) fall disproportionately on the poor, and, hence, on the indigenous peoples of Oaxaca. Have a heart! Listen to their complaints!

  • BILLIE STEVENS - 7 years ago

    The Groups That Have Feined Outrage And Racism Want To Squeeze Coca Cola For A Ransom. I Hope They Ignore The Ridiculous Outcry. But If The Video Has Been Taken Down Already They Have Given In To Stupidity. Let Your Customers Decide. Coca Cola Is Everywhere And Christmas Trees Bring Smiles To Young And Old Alike. Activists CALM DOWN Find Something Else To Sceam And Protest Over.

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