Rate your level of confidence in the Calvo administration. (Poll Closed)

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  • Jack Spicer - 5 years ago

    They're using the poll daddy vote exploit. You can easily look it up online. I actually tried it out on this poll, but they had a head start on me, and I turned it off. https://polldaddy.com/poll/9207300/

    They like to have a comfortable gap between votes, maybe if someone does it the same time they post it, it'd actually work out. lol

  • joe Rag - 5 years ago

    Look it's the last 2400 people that will ever vote for anyone holding a current elected position ! I guess it's safe to say if I were an elected or appointed official working for Guam Government now I had better be looking over my shoulder before I get in my car to go home from work or from the mall. At least I will only have to worry about the other 158,000 people I stole from!

  • Koku - 5 years ago

    Silly poll

  • Harry - 5 years ago

    Junk ass nepatism! Guam, it's all about connects! The hell with this scammed system! Politricks! Better off selling marijuana to cops than working for the government!

  • it-is - 5 years ago

    This poll is disconnected from reality.

  • A Chamoru not Guamanian - 5 years ago

    The Gov. giving his cabinet members pay increase/retros is a small financial debt compared to his promise of paying tax returns. What the people don't realize is that we might be current in paying tax refunds but it was monies borrowed and a debt out grand/great grandchildren will be paying back in their future. The Gov. and his family are wealthy people, the question is does he care of the future and we'll being of everyone is?

  • Becky D. - 5 years ago

    The governor agreed to a $1 wage increase for those of us work at the most minimal of jobs, yet he allows his staff to receive increments in the tens of thousands. He also gave out retroactive lump sums to his employees so they can have a nice Christmas last year, while many of us had to take out loans just to make sure our children got a holiday season to remember. Now when I read how he has a staffer making $95,000, after getting almost a $30,000 increment, it just disgusts me where the priorities are for this administration.

    I don't care what claims are being made about the things the government is trying to do, because many of us at the entry level just don't see it. Our roads are bad, my kids don't have supplies in classrooms, and we see our sickly being placed in deplorable conditions in GMH. So please don't give us excuses on what any of you deserve. Return those retro payments, reduce those increments, and lets focus on what you were hired to do.

    Also, we taxpayers don't need to be paying Troy Torres, $95,000, $70,000 or even $20,000 for that imaginary project he is hired to do. It is NOT a priority and that money can go to something more important.

  • JOSE VILLAGOMEZ OGO - 5 years ago

    I WAS SHANGHIED BY THE U.S. NAVY ON JUNE 1952. I MAKE THIS STATEMENT BECAUSE WHEN YOU JOINT THE MILITARY YOUR ARE A DEPENDENT UNTIL THE AGE OF 18 AND 23 IF GOING TO COLLEGE, BUT AS A CHAMMORO BOY WHO CAN BEARLY SPEEK ENGLISH AT THE TIME. MY DAD WAS RE-ASSIGNED AND I COULDN'T MOVE WITH MY FAMILY. ANYWAY I SURVIVE. I FINIALLY RETURNED TO GUAM IN 2008 PERMANENTLY, BUT AM DISAPPOINTED BECAUSE I SEE THAT ONE THE GOVERNMENTS, I SAY GOVERNMENTS BECAUSE GUAM IS UNDER TWO GOVERNMENTS: ONE (1) THE GOVERNMENT OF GUAM, TWO (2) THE U.S.NAVY AND AIR FORCE AND ALL THREE (3) ARE FAILING IN TAKING CARE OF THE CHAMMORROS. i.e can not resolve trash problem, income tax refund, pot holes on roads, etc.etc.etc etc. I have a list if interested. The trash problem, I identified this problem to two senators 40 years ago, but will not even discus the problem. Now I see the Governor on his outgoing year giving himself a terrific raise by the the reported percentage of raise for the governor is 44.44% not 30.77 what I learned in math is that you divide the amount $40,000.00 by $90,000.00 that equals 44.44% not 30.77%

  • Rigged Poll - 5 years ago

    If the administration and its staff can deceive us on something as insignificant as this poll, it makes you wonder what other acts of deception are taking place in Adelup. Oh wait, these retroactive raises and salary increments and their secretive manner of disbursement were certainly a deception. Not to mention an employee earning $95K, getting a retro payment that would have paid off a number of tax refunds for our residents. This is all a deception.

  • Disugsted - 5 years ago

    "Very confident"*

  • Disgusted - 5 years ago

    Rigged. Every refresh, the numbers on "confident" go up.

  • L.G - 5 years ago

    This administration and its head honcho has stooped to an all time low.

  • Eric - 5 years ago

    We better have enough money to pay for tax refunds nxt year!!!!!!

  • Brad Hewitt - 5 years ago

    Tina Slao, your comment makes absolutely no sense. It is unfortunate that your job in Adelup is blinding you from the reality of what is going on. Those senators voted NO on a pay raise, but the measure failed, because individuals like your employers and other greedy senators wanted to keep the monies, while recognizing that the governments financial conditions were in shambles. They claim they will help the people during the election season, yet help themselves when the time comes. By the way, how does your co-worker, Troy Torres qualify to make $95,000? What makes his work load more important then yours, or others up in Adelup? Taxpayers like you and I should be questioning this, and demanding how someone with his limited qualifications, can take such a salary, when educated and qualified individuals in the government are making far less.

  • Islander 2 - 5 years ago

    Calvo had to borrow money to pay for all those raises , retro and tax refund , he then raised the debt limit to afford for another year .
    Laughing all the way to the bank as he maneuvers all business deals to benefit the family business , this is as corrupt as it gets folks .
    Watch and learn from the corruption in chief as he runs this island into bankruptcy then later use his family business to acquire leverage .
    It's a plan that cannot fail as long as gage continues his reign . Lol !! Everyone else on Guam is F..ked ! Thanks gov Guam !!!

  • Tina Slao - 5 years ago

    Can someone explain to me how Michael San Nicholas, Underwood, & BJ Cruz, & Won-pat, Torres qualifies for a $85,000 when they voted NO to pay raises ? I am sick of the politricks from some of these leaders. If you don't believe in something then why accept it. San Nicholas & company played with the people of Guam's mind. Also how are double-dippers like Won-pat, BJ Cruz, Tom Ada, Underwood are allowed to feed off the tax-payers twice. These guys are making almost as much as the governor with their double-dipping status. $100,000 plus. So why are they complaining. Hypocrites. These leaders are a bunch of fakes.

  • it is - 5 years ago

    L.G. I agree with Deb, the poll rigging will occur shortly. Watch, thousands of "votes" will be cast.. way more than a usual PDN poll. Any poll regarding Calvo etc will bring in a huge amount of votes and that there is the red flag of rigging.

  • Buenas - 5 years ago

    I just hope the Attorney General will get to the bottom of this and put people in their places if these raises and bonuses were indeed illegal to begin with.

  • Jackson - 5 years ago

    Can someone explain to me how Troy Torres qualifies for a $95,000 job at Adelup? A communications director should not be exceeding $50,000. He is getting paid in the vicinity of the governors legal counsel and chief and deputy chief of staff. His current project is to draft some term paper called ImagineGuam, which will be squashed when the next governor comes in. What does he have on leaders in Adelup where they keep him on a short string, and pay him an absurd amount of taxpayer dollars? He even received a retro amount of over $25,000, which was higher then what senators such as Rory Respicio, Tommy Morrison, Dennis Rodriguez and a few others stole from the taxpayers.

  • Deb Mesa - 5 years ago

    L.G., we might speaking too soon. Those little as# kissers are going to be waking up soon, and the poll rigging will be tasking place within the hour. They do need to justify why they got those raises and retro salaries. It's sad, but it is also the state of our government today where arrogance and entitlement overtake public service.

  • L.G - 5 years ago

    Ha! Either Ray's little as* kissers are out of commision or pdn finally fixed its problems with these polls being rigged.

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