Was Ayesha Curry slut shaming these hoes?

  • Allie - 6 years ago

    Yeah I think there was a tinge of slut shaming when she said she chose to remain "classy" and keep covered up, which implies that women who do not cover up are not classy women. And what do people think of when you refer to a scantily clad woman as not classy? A hoe or a slut.

  • writerchick4 - 6 years ago

    I think Rod hit this one right on the head. I think the tweets were a sub-tweet to some Instagram girl that was throwing it at Steph.

  • trojanscooter - 6 years ago

    After hearing Rod read her tweets and the responses, I have to say she didn't slut shame anyone. It was a critique of fashion.

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