Does It Matter That The Buick Envision Is Being Built In China?

  • Mike Novak - 5 years ago

    I personally was shocked to hear that the Buick division of GM is contemplating importing cars from China. Build them in China AND sell them in China......not here. I have always been a GM person (Chevrolet), and currently own three Chevys. I also was 100% behind our government's loan to GM and Chrysler a few years back, but if this is the thanks we tax payers get for helping GM in it's time of need, I will certainly not consider a GM product in the future!

  • Frederic - 5 years ago

    Yes! GM should build where it sells.
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    Its nice to know 61% of american is ok with the fact they build this in china because buick is selling twice as much in china compare to here.

  • Shawn - 5 years ago

    Guess they forgot who bailed them out a few years ago. This is the thanks that Americans get for saving the company. I will remember this when we purchase a new vehicle for our family.

  • Rex D Welker - 5 years ago

    I have always bought America products when l can, my last eight vehicles were all GM. I presently lease a Buick Enclave which is a very nice car but too big for my garage , I'm also leaseing a GMC Canyon 2016 which is very nice but when it comes time to turn in the enclave in February I have to look elsewhere, will not support China produced products. I love the looks of the invision but !!!!!!!!!!!! Rex

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