Has CopenhagenCycleChic and/or Copenhagenize.com encouraged you to cycle more?


  • Karen - 13 years ago

    I needed to start riding a bike for transport and wanted to make it work for the woman that I am. CCC offered me inspiration and ideas that made cycling acceptable to me. While some naysay the impact of fashion in cycling and view cycle chic as a mere fad, it discounts the reality that image DOES matter. I have to arrive at work looking ready for work.

  • jennyc - 13 years ago

    copenhagen cycle chic mostly encourages me to dress well while cycling. i promise i make the effort!

    re: Hart
    plastic hats are still a must have in the US. auto drivers dont look for cyclists, and people are hit and killed all the time. just this summer in michigan 6 cyclists were killed by cars. helmets are still very relevant.

  • Andrea Rose - 13 years ago

    I used to have 100 excuses (too hot, too cold, too wet, too windy), now I log on and check Copenhagen, its -20C and they still ride with style, so I think "toughen up princess just put on your heels and ride

  • Hart Noecker - 13 years ago

    Not only to cycle more, but to try to get my fellow Americans to stop being afraid and ditch their ridiculous plastic hats.

  • Ebony - 15 years ago

    Absolutely! I used to be afraid to get get on a bike because my father died from a biking accident. But, now I see the wonderful culture behind it and I am definately planning on buying a bike soon because of this blog! I live in Washington D.C. where there is a large bike culture but definately not as stylish and sophisticated as Copenhagen. I never even considered wearing heels and skirts with a bike but now I've been inspired.

  • Chany - 15 years ago

    Absolutely!! Keep up the great work and keep the pictures of regular people in regular clothes doing regular things on their bicycles!

  • Kim - 15 years ago

    I was interested that nobody is wearing helmets. What kinds and number of injuries do bicyclists report?

  • Lynn - 16 years ago

    It's always a pleasure to view the lovely photos! Seeing lots of photos of other women out on bikes in skirts and hauling all sorts of things has made me a bit more adventurous regarding my own dress and bicycle-fueled shopping expeditions. However, given that we had more that 50 days over 100 degrees F (37 C) here in Texas this summer, I'm not about to give up my wicking athletic fabrics!

  • Geoff - 16 years ago

    y'know, I actually want to answer "no" because the idea of a blog getting me to ride more seems awfully silly. The fact of the matter is that all the pictures and theory that I see every day on your site make me want to be on my bike -- whether it's commuting, having fun with the kids or just taking a pop over to the hardware store to grab something.

    So yeah, good stuff, good pictures. Please Copenhagenize me!

  • Jack, Norbert Malone - 16 years ago

    Always very Witty and Informative,it is a pleasure to Read and also look at the Cycling Advocacy Videos from around the World. It makes me very Jealous of the Cycling Infrastructure that they have in Copenhagen and also Amsterdam.Although we are Progressing Slowly and things are getting better for Cyclists we still Lag behind Copenhagen. I like their Advocating Free Choice of not to Wear Helmets,it should not be forced on People. There is no need especially if your an average Cyclist Pottering around at 12 MPH. Dublin Ireland 13/9/08 1.55pm GMT.

  • Mark Bracey - 16 years ago

    Cycling is one of the most fantastic things in the world to do. It's not such a good option in New Zealand. I would love to come to Denmark and experience Cycle Chic first hand. Your blog inspires me to carry on with the advocacy work we at CAA do.

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