Do you support the campaign to remove Trump's name from the tower?


  • David - 9 years ago

    To have a name representing a landmark in our city, a name that preaches intolerance , is disgusting. His money should not be allowed to promote this. By the way, why is he even running for president? He went bankrupt twice!!

  • Hansi Schoenauer - 9 years ago

    I totally agree with Trumps policy. Muslims are the worst people in the world they have no interest in integration to the new Country they move to. The fact is they want to change our way of live to accommodate there dumbest believe of a religion. There is no other race or religion which kill's in the name of God, these People are animal. I have no respect for that Lumpenvolk. They are on the verge to destroy Europe, Why? because we let them. We have to many no minds in our society which cannot think outside the box and only believe what they get fed from the media.

  • kelly - 9 years ago

    Just because you watch the News "Global,CNN" does not mean you are informed.
    Don't believe everything you read , watch ,hear , people tell you whatever!!
    I think people may be shocked at what "Change" may come!
    Merry Christmas Everyone

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