Will Jordan Smith Win 'The Voice' 2015?

Posted 3 years.


  • Debra - 3 years ago

    Emily Roberts deserves win this year as she has been flawless in everyone of her performances. Has had standing ovation from all the judges which none of the others have had. Country is the way to go. Go girl go.

  • Marianne Kozak - 3 years ago

    Jordan or Jeremy? Which will it be? They both have come so far. Tuning in tonight @The Voice.! It's another "Don't Wanna Miss" for Season 10.

  • Dianne Fisher - 3 years ago

    If Jordan Smith does not win the Voice there is something horribly wrong. His voice is extraordinary. He is consistently on pitch and one can understand every word he sings unlike some of his competitors. I would love to hear him sing "Bring Him Home" from Les Miserables--he would bring the house down even more than he has. As a musician I believe his voice is made for this piece of music. He could be the next Jean Valjean on Broadway. Only a couple of performances left and I would love to hear him deliver this beautiful piece of music. Go Jordan!

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