SPEAK UP: Should the Overlook Dog Park close? YESTERDAY'S RESULTS: Should the state reimburse money lost on Health Republic's collapse? 45 YES, 100 NO

  • Christine - 5 years ago

    Sounds like the park opened without adequate rules or oversight. You could utilize a locking security system for entry; keys, cards or something other than just the tags. Nothing is foolproof but the tag system is clearly inadequate. It also sounds like some dogs that shouldn't be in a dog park are using it. Aggressive dogs should NEVER be permitted in a dog park; owners should know better and the municipality should take some initiative. It also sounds like the police have been an inadequate last resort. Frankly, I find this beyond disappointing. It sounds like the park began with problems and inadequacies, mostly based on a lack of knowledge as to how to correctly develop a dog park. I agree with Emma, it's the human users who need to step up and self police. If you're not sure about another dog, then leave or wait outside to pressure the problem user to leave. I sincerely hope the park stewards and users can work this out and keep the park open.

  • Patricia - 5 years ago

    I actually tried purchasing a tag and filled out an application to register both my dogs. I mailed a $50 check and both were returned to me because I was living in Millbrook. You think that the Town would open the park to all Dutchess Residents, charge a even higher fee for non bordering villages and put that money toward monitors, key system, ect... They could have asked for a separate yearly fee from all registered users which would go to a system that would preserve this community recreational area. Sorry, but I think New York State is so limited on social/recreation areas. If you go out West (Colorado, example). There are many dog parks and skate parks and recreation areas that are open to the public. New York is absolutely pathetic! The State with one of the highest taxes, gas prices, ect.....and WE GET NOTHING OR VERY LITTLE FOR IT!!!!!!!! SAD.

  • Senate Tommy Jones - 5 years ago

    I am so sad they are doing this to these dogs some of them need shelter and a field for all of the homeless dogs out there that depend on these dog parks to always be accessable and free but now they want to tair them down what the heck. This is so not fair to them. If they were going to do that they might as well make it a law that dogs cant be pets, because where are u going to take your dog when it needs some air This is some bull and I cant believe it is happening but, I knew they were going to do that to us animal park lovers well bye I did what I can and what I can say to the president by the way I am the senate and I know its not fair but I'm working on it.

  • dog lover - 5 years ago

    Too bad Dutchess can't have free access to dog parks like other counties in NY state. They make it too restrictive to use. I guess you have to be independently wealthy to jump through all the hoops to have permission to use the parks. Me, I have to go to work every day. You're discriminating against the responsible dog owners who actually work for a living. Smooth move!

  • Lisa - 5 years ago

    This park should stay open. I can't see why it would be such an issue to provide a locked entry for tag holders. And if you don't feel you or your dog is safe, don't go. Let's use some common sense here.

  • Emma - 5 years ago

    Manhattan has free run dog parks, Fishkill has had one for years, Red Hook has one. Beacon has one, etc. It makes one wonder what is wrong with LaGrange. I have mixed opinions. I was thrilled when the dog park opened but ended up not using it. Many dog owners refused to rein in their dogs when needed. So is it the town with its mania for rules and money? Or is it the people that somehow can't behave as well as the rest of Manhattan, Fishkill, Red Hook, Beacon, etc. In any case, it's very sad.

  • Shawn - 5 years ago

    Love this park. I have taken my dogs there several times with many other dogs there and never had an issue.

  • Judy - 5 years ago

    I've only brought my dog there when no other dogs are around.

  • Michelle - 5 years ago

    Tried this park for several months a couple of years ago until on several different occasions my dog was bullied to the point of drawing blood on her ankles (black lab biting her as she ran by & chihuahuas in with the big dogs don't mix)...my dog never had issues with other dogs until the chihuahuas bit her & now I have to keep her away from ALL small dogs! Most people not paying attention to their dogs...it only takes a few bad apples.

  • Catherine - 5 years ago

    Yes, I would never take my do to his park. One of our good friends took his dog at the park. Another dog tore him apart. Dog owners just let the dogs go, mean or not. You will never see our dog at this par

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