Should Shropshire Council increase council tax? (Poll Closed)


  • Roger Bartlett - 7 years ago

    All the 3 existing comments are very much to the point. After years of freeze, and faced with a big Council deficit, I think a council-tax rise is overdue. But the money raised must be fairly and effectively applied, and like Julia Gallacher I worry about the effect on low-income households.

  • Ben Jephcott - 7 years ago

    As above, after many years of a council tax freeze I think there is a strong case for raising the precept now - as long as it is very clear where the extra funds will go.
    Adult social care is just one critical public service that needs more funding. Despite the financial crash of 2008, Britain now has a higher GDP than at any time in it's history, yet the fabric of public infrastructure like roads and pavements is far more dilapidated than 40 years ago, as photographs as well as memory confirms.

  • Gillian Jones - 7 years ago

    Would be happy to see council taxes rise, if we could be certain that the extra money that is raised wil be spent in our own area. As the County Council opted not to forward on the money awarded to it by central government last year, I wonder if there will be any extra for South Shropshire this coming financial year. Will be interesting to see if a change of leadership also leads to a change of policy. Certainly hope so in this respect.

  • Julia Gallacher - 7 years ago

    Council tax should be raised to fund the depleted social services, youth services and to halt the selling-off of useful council-owned property of which we have lost far too much during Barrow's administration. Publicly-owned swimming pools, and leisure facilities are badly in need of maintenance -so much neglect has been apparent under the last administration and with libraries being closed too it is quite shameful - not forgetting the closure of ambulance stations and police stations too. However, we do have a very large proportion of poor households in Shropshire including many who are struggling with working on a minimum wage. These families need to be protected from any rise in council tax whereas those affluent households should be taking a larger increase according to household income - though banding would probably be a simpler indicator. There is far too much poverty in Shropshire - too much need for use of foodbanks - and as a largely rural populated county many poorly paid workers are hampered by travel costs to their place of work. I hope the new administration will be a fairer one which will be of benefit to all.

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