If your camera manufacturer stopped making cameras, what would you do? (Poll Closed)

  • Keep my camera as long as it met my requirements, and buy used lenses and accessories – and save some money
    311 votes

  • Buy an identical camera as back up while I still could
    75 votes

  • Keep my camera as long as possible, but look at options elsewhere
    272 votes

  • Sell my camera and kit and swap systems
    63 votes

  • Buy a new camera, but try to use my existing lenses where possible
    47 votes

  • None of the above
    38 votes


Posted 4 years.


  • nitram senoj - 3 years ago

    Its obvious, you find the wizard or witch that did this, and have them flogged! Then burned at the stake!!!

  • John Moody - 3 years ago

    As I use MFT, if Olympus stopped making cameras, I should start looking at Panasonic for a potential replacement for my EM5 - so naturally I selected "None of the above".

  • Lurcio - 3 years ago

    God forbid Canon should ever decide to cease production! but I have owned other makes in the past so with no choice then it would mean starting again with anything but a Nikon or a Leica.

  • Laura - 3 years ago

    Well since I'm dreaming of an upgrade which would require changing systems (my lenses are EF-S only and the features I need aren't on full frame Canons) then perhaps it'd make me save a little quicker!

  • Chester Willey - 3 years ago

    Once again your survey question is only really relevant to people who buy new equipment and have been seduced by the manufacturers' insistence on regular upgrading to the latest ‘must have’ model.
    There is a fantastic choice of excellent used equipment available from the regular advertisers in AP, most of which will work perfectly for many years use if treated carefully.

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