How much physics background do you have?


  • Mark - 7 years ago

    I find the current pitching of your blog about right for me. I got a physics degree 25 yrs ago and haven't used it since becoming a nurse instead. This blog is on the limit of understanding and I get what you are saying most of the time but occasionally I struggle. To me that would say it is at the level I need. Mark

  • Cliff - 7 years ago

    I hope this poll gives you encouragement to do some semi-technical posts along the lines of what Lubos has done, but perhaps with a focus on amplitudes or whatever else you fancy. This is a vastly under-served market.

    I said this to you before, and you didn't sound like you intended to do it, but I'm reiterating that I would love to see it. :)

  • 4gravitons - 7 years ago

    Pick the one that gives me the best idea of how much you'll understand. In your case, I can expect physics explanations to be understandable, I don't need to convert everything to fiber bundles or the like.

  • Peter Woit - 7 years ago

    Some people fit into two categories, can be hard to choose...

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