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Posted 4 years.


  • Kay Denton - 2 years ago

    Love the show....

  • Kimberly H. McComas - 3 years ago

    I want the show back!!

  • Amy Nelson - 3 years ago

    Me and my hubby loved this show it reminded me of when i was 5 and couldnt wait to watch dalas every friday night and for the entire series i thought it was a fantastic story line with so many ways for more story lines to go i think they should reconsider shutting it down

  • Bobbie undetwood - 3 years ago

    Was looking forward on Sunday nite to watch this series. It was a reminder of how well I used to look for Miami Vice. Loved Don Johnson in this too.. Please return this series for the older people who like these shows.

  • Tina - 3 years ago

    for once a show that is not a reality show that has some meat and guts to it!! Very disappointed in ABC!!

  • Stacie - 3 years ago

    I was just looking to see when ABC would have Blood & Oil return for 2nd Season. I'm extremely bummed to see its not being renewed. With so many reality and other foolish shows there are to offer,I would of hoped that Blood & Oil would be back. Only one season was not enough, it was cancelled too soon. The cast members are all great together, it had a great story line! Makes me not want to watch another TV series until I know their in the 2nd season!!

  • MIMA - 3 years ago

    U MUST B KIDDING!! It`s the first time after 5 years I found something interesting on TV,well on my tablet.My daughter and me were watching every night 1 part.I was devastated when I couldnt find part 11 or episode 2.I was thinking:,,I hope its not the end of my enjoyment!!``Well,it was..plspls make another episodes.Pass the messages to crew ,I really refuse to believe that THIS SHOW didnt have enough viewers.All my friends who I recommended to,enjoyed it very much & we are foreigners..with reasonable English. PlsPLs bring it back.

  • A Gray - 4 years ago

    I can't believe this series is being canceled. Finally a series we loved to watch again. Hope that things change, and we will get a season 2.

  • Leisha Pemberton - 4 years ago

    Best show on TV - I couldn't wait to watch it on Sunday night. I have always loved Don Johnson ever since Miami Vice. Please don't cancel it ABC - I will be sooooooo sad!

  • Janet Pearson - 4 years ago

    I can't believe ABC is cancelling Blood and Oil another good show. Everytime they put on a show that I can't wait to watch, they cancel it. What could they put on that could beat this show? If they want to keep viewers give the shows like this a chance . Don't be so quick to cut them. Don't cut Blood and Oil please.

  • Howard Worley - 4 years ago

    Can ABC seriously make another huge mistake by canceling this awesome series? My wife and I FINALLY have a Sunday line-up worth watching together. Thanks for ruining our Sunday date night... my suggestion to increase ratings... change the title of the show. Maybe if you made it sound more appealing you would get a wider viewing audience. This waa a great drama.. please reconsider before canceling it! Give Blood and Oil one more season to redeem itself!

  • Kim Worley - 4 years ago

    Please ABC, resign this show for Season two! I'm hoping if ABC disappoints me and doesn't resign for a second season, that another network sees the value in this drama and picks it up! My husband and I will be devastated if yet another great show is cancelled. Ww are still mourning the loss of Wicked City!

  • nevans - 4 years ago

    Huge mistake. Love the show.. I will be very disappointed if the show is canceled.

  • dave - 4 years ago

    One of two new programs I've been watching this season. Will miss it if it is, in fact, cancelled. The last episode could have been better, but I was glad to see the plot lines tied up. So many programs leave their viewers hanging when they're not renewed. Prefer programs that the entire story is completed in one episode, but Don Johnson in the lead and as executive producer aroused my interest.

  • Nick DeCandia - 4 years ago

    I was ~enjoying the show, and disappointed to hear they were going to cancel. [I guess it didn't get the ratings it needed to continue (sadly).
    Knowing they were going to cancel, I guess I appreciate the "happily ever after" endings. Better than leaving you hanging - when they're not planning on getting back to it (in my view).

  • sheila hill - 4 years ago

    A coworker and I love this show,, HAP is like the next JR!! I know this could work if u keep it going and get more scandals! !! Don't cancel!!!!! Plzzzzzzzzz

  • Susan Johnaon - 4 years ago

    I watch a lot of cable, so when I saw abc had a series that I found so good it was hard to wait a whole week to see the next episode. good writing and love the cast. Way to go Don Johnson . its nice to have a good show on Sunday when the week is coming to a end.

  • Judy Hillendahl - 4 years ago

    I thought it was a great episode even though it seems ABC has decided to let this awesome series go. I am extremely disappointed if it was indeed cancelled!!!

  • Rick Callahan - 4 years ago

    Why would you cancel a great series that had supense,drama with a great cast of actors.Shame on you. Think again!

  • Lawana Carter - 4 years ago

    I think ABC is making a huge mistake if they don"t reconsider going forward ,its just getting started. Love the cast. Give it a chance.

  • Donna White - 4 years ago

    Great writing, directing. Awesome cast and crew. It had a great time slot and if ABC fails the fans shop it elsewhere. Fans will follow

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