Do you think mass transit is a priority for the government of Guam? (Poll Closed)

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  • Daisy Cabrera - 5 years ago

    How can they take care of the government's concern & issues if they're busy taking care of the New Private Hospital why you think the government hospital is having so much issues? If they can't come up with the solution to the only government hospital issues how much more with the mass transit?!

  • Island Girl - 5 years ago

    Guam will be as good as Singapore if only we vote for the right people. People of Guam, next time we have to help together to put someone who will take care and prioritize the people of Guam, the government and not to protect their own businesses and own personal interest. Sad, sad
    The government pushed that new hospital to come in yet the government can't help its own entity, Sad, sad

  • Deb Mesa - 5 years ago

    I read an article in the Post on how the governors office will make their staff payback their retro salaries. Basically they will give them another raise on paper, which is equivalent to what they received last year, and they will then pay that amount back to the government. In other words, taxpayers will continue to foot almost $1,000,000. This is wrong and the legislature, if they have the right mind set, needs to intervene. You don't steal more money, to pay back restitution on something you stole before. the people of Guam are not sleeping.

  • Islander2 - 5 years ago

    Lol, the people in Singapore are way too smart compared to the idiots running this island. Their educational system is at another level ,it makes Guam's DOE look like special Ed . Lol !! Compare the intelligence of their leaders and ours , it's like night and day . Our senators like Tina Barnes , Rory Respecio and Dennis Rodriguez the three idiot amigos wouldn't last a day working in the Singaporean government . Don't get me wrong , there are more idiots in our government but the first three that came to mind was the three I mentioned. Thank you gov Guam !

  • Isla Guahan - 5 years ago

    The Island need a good mass transportation. Make this Island like Singapore

  • Michelle Ungacta - 5 years ago

    Government of Guam, please focus what is Best for the Island of Guam. Guam is in need of a good mass transportation
    Government should have prioritize also on how to make Guam Memorial Hospital better for the people of Guam rather than bringing in a new Hospital. Why Hospital? Who benefits? It is very sad how our government can't even make a plan and how to help the government hospital where all the less fortunate like us run to.
    Please help the government as you promised before the election and vowed to help this government

  • Nica Concepcion - 5 years ago

    The government needs to prioritize the best interest of the people of Guam & the government, like Guam Mass Transit, Give attention to The only GOVERNMENT HOSPITAL GUAM MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, the SAFETY OF THE ISLAND instead of their own personal interest.

  • Basta Umbre - 5 years ago

    Islander2, you got it right! LOL

  • Islander2 - 5 years ago

    The only thing Gov Guam prioritizes is their payroll and pay raise's the rest is an after thought
    Calvo -Tenorio team of crooks !

  • Jackson - 5 years ago

    Obviously not. This administration has talked a whole deal lot on public transportation, but the conditions and routes of the buses continue to be deplorable. They should consider transferring the $800,000 the employees in Adelup will be returning to help the mass transit operations. It's really sad.

  • Brian Avery - 5 years ago

    Public transportation can reduce the amount of people that are on public assistance It would allow them to be able to go to work and see family members and do productive things

  • JOSH PETER CHOI - 5 years ago


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