Are North Jersey casinos essential to generating revenues in New Jersey?

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  • Joseph La Morte - 9 years ago

    Let's call it what it is, it's gambling. And the increased social costs, including crime and problem gambling, outweigh the economic benefits. Casino gambling, more than the lottery or horse racing, is more injurious to the moral fiber of the communities where it does its business i.e. Detroit... Casino gambling is also the form of gambling most associated with problem gambling, illicit drugs, prostitution.... Moreover, the free alcohol, paycheck cashing promotions, ready access to credit card and bank machines that provide immediate cash, and other marketing by the casinos are all promoting irresponsible behavior and preying on the weaknesses of others. And those others tend to be the poor and impoverished, and people of color, who cling to a dream that is clearly in the house's favor and not going to happen. As for shortfall that is the state's budget consider the legalization of marijuana; it's working for Colorado.

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