How many camera bags do you own? (Poll Closed)

  • None
    9 votes

  • One to two
    139 votes

  • Three
    127 votes

  • Four
    94 votes

  • Five plus
    183 votes


Posted 4 years.


  • Darren Whiteley - 3 years ago

    Own 3 but two are used purely for in house storage. I never seem to find the right fit between capacity and comfort. If I'm not taking a filters then I'll leave the bags at home

  • Lurcio - 3 years ago

    Over the years I have owned loads of different carrying devices from aluminium cases to backpacks, band none has ever been an ideal for every occasion, i'm currently very fond of my 'sling' type bag but it isn't big enough to contain everything I need - so any bag is a compromise for all occasions.

  • Guy Wolff - 3 years ago

    I own plenty of bags, but never the right one. The photo bag is probably the most important purchase after camera body, glass and tripod but it is also the most difficult one because you can check them in the shops. I wish AP would do a serious comparative test of several variations (messenger, back pack, trolley) for each of the shooting situations (street, hiking, long distance travel etc) AND type of equipment. It's just a pain to order on-line, send back and try another one.

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