What should I train for in 2016?

  • Richard Bailey - 3 years ago

    Congrats on the half marathon!! Be careful with the Spartan Beast (if you do it). Do homework about the terrain. I did a Spartan Super in Mountain Creek, NJ. Literally 8.5 miles going up and down ski slopes. I couldnt run for a week afterwards. Its ranked as 3rd hardest course in the world. It was more difficult than a full marathon. Do homework about the terrain bc it will literally kick your ass.

  • Susan - 5 years ago

    Congratulations! Really enjoyed your articles. At 51 years of age and a 2 1/2 year cancer survivor, I am also a rookie runner and training for my first half-marathon. Your articles were very encouraging. Good luck with your next endeavor!

  • m nardo - 5 years ago

    Congrats on your half marathon finish and more kudos for wanting to follow up with another challenge. I do Sprint Tris all the time. It is easier than 1/2 marathon because you change up the muscle demands and in most races you only run a 5K for the Sprint distance. Triathlon is the fastest growing sport with respect to participation. Everyone always says how much 'fun' it is.

  • Dan Cheek - 5 years ago

    Next step should be a full. My wife started running about 4 yrs ago. She worked up to a half very quickly, and then leveled off. Several people she runs with (Fleet Feet, Kingsport, TN), stepped up to a full. So this year, she applied for and got in the Marine Corps in DC. She's 57, first marathon, and trained mostly on her on. She posted her training schedule (from th net) on the refrig and struck to it religiously. Finished in just over 5 hrs. She was in great shape. The next day we walked 10 miles around Arlingrton and all the other monuments!

  • Tina Sharkey - 5 years ago

    I'm being realistic as I'm speaking from the experience as you. Two years ago I ran my first HALF. I proceeded to run two in 2014. This year I ran four HALFs but also included a 5k Rugged Maniac Mud Run and a Sprint TRI. Trust me...they will both make you feel BADASS!!!!!

    Great job on your HALF!!!! You rock!!!

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