• Prompat - 5 years ago

    ibeh Pet all the way

  • uche stephens - 5 years ago

    I bliv adaeza nwogu rita contestant no:27,gatz wat it takes to wear d crown she's indeed brilliant nd accessible, she's also cute nd adorable let's gve her our support nd vote her, cos she's indeed who d crown fits.. God bless you as u vote 4her u wunt regret it.

  • Warri Finestboy - 5 years ago

    pls ur vote matter alot..vote 4 our princess...princess of beauties...contestant no.8 all d way...vote Jennifer uju

  • Warri Finestboy - 5 years ago

    vote 4 my angel contestant no 8....she is d best among d best....i called dat baddest beauty...she deserve it

  • Warri Finestboy - 5 years ago

    uju jenifa all d way....

  • CHINONSO - 5 years ago

    my people,contestant 14 is the way forward.. I mean ihezie Juliet, yes!!!!! make we support her, your vote is a VALUE!

  • Comr.Nedu - 5 years ago

    Hardworking counts alot. No doubt, contestant 21 really work so hard for this contest. I don't see any reason for such bias says about her. IMBFII is free and fair! She still and will have my votes...

  • cherry - 5 years ago

    You all don't know the sleepless nights the family members and cousins are passing tru just to make sure contestant 8 get much votes, she is very hard-working and that's what has been helping her get tru. So plzz don't judge her...

  • bridget - 5 years ago

    Dnt mind d lazy people, let dem be saying rubbish.... 21 all d way...

  • Lia - 5 years ago

    just because some contestants have passed the people u support doesn't mean they are cheating, so instead of blaming people who r working hard to be at the top y don't u guys go and tell those other contestants whom u are supporting to go and work harder!! Nigerians!! always looking for someone/something to blame for their mistakes/laziness.... Contestant 21 all d way jare! Blessing Must Win #BMW....lol

  • Jay - 5 years ago

    those saying contestants are cheating are either saboteurs, misinformed, lazy or just ignorant. if they only knew the work behind the votes then they'll keep shut. Biased opinions! if it could be hacked, shouldn't someone be at 100% with 50,000 votes or something by now, that just goes to show how small of a mentality some people posses. MBFII is free & fair.s

  • raymond - 5 years ago

    Omo, make una respect una self o, any1 that says contestant no.21 is cheating again will loose his or her ganital parts.. Do u have any idea how she does it.. (My sister that doesn't sleep) even me sef, my eye hurts now, but she must win..
    Av told u, be warned...

  • bridget - 5 years ago

    Plssssss dnt call people's hard work cheating... Contestant no 21 is nt cheating, it's hard work do u knw if her Frnds dnt sleep at nite, becus of her which am one of dem, wen u r all sleeping and u want ur Frnds to win, my dear hard work pays, stop saying wat u dnt knw, no body hack any site.

  • Fortune Tela Obieze - 5 years ago

    Contestant N̶̲̥̅̊O 23...........go get the crown dear

  • jaster - 5 years ago

    pls o.... u guys shud add one vote at least for contestant number 18.... Its unfair o

  • chisom - 5 years ago

    blood of Jesus...This serious..Why are most of the contestants cheating.buying votes and likes???shhhhh!!! other contestants that waste there megabyte to broadcast there link and so,are they foolish??? I have gone thru the prices to be won,is not a car and house is involved ...if it is then that means they will kidnap themselves..lolzzz ..abeg let's be legit,free and fair..d cheaters don't merit this at all..contestant No16 and 5 has my vote...The are honest in this contest as I see

  • emmanuel Obiano - 5 years ago

    my dear brother Ade,you have said it all oooo...even in there first individual link,the rate in which the cheating,if the cheat like this in exam hall,them go come out with 10 point 10....The suspects are contestant No6,8,14,21,23,27 and 29...The cheat is really much and noticeable.All tru d night smones vote will increase like manner from above,say wetin happen!!!!..I have been monitoring all of them and how there vote and likes in d first links re increasing.. To me I suggest the Organisers she cancel this vote pattern and make it a Runway...i can't imagine a short and plumpy person winning this,or someone that has makeup as her boyfrnd....To me NO5,1 and 16 are good to go..

  • ADE - 5 years ago


  • FBNgenre - 5 years ago

    please i don't wanna miss out my Queen Ihezie Juliet . we just need your vote,Thanks.

  • Onyenemezu vivian - 5 years ago

    Hi guys please I need your vote. Thanks...complement of the season BTW!!!

  • Nwogu Adaeze R - 5 years ago

    She's is brilliant and accessible.she's a genius.

  • UZOMA CYNTHIA - 5 years ago

    click my name then you scroll down to vote (08182065565 or 08062255480)

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