What's your take on Cam Newton's end zone dancing?

Posted 3 years.


  • bill - 3 years ago

    I went to eBay to buy my grandson a autographed Panthers helmet. 3were available. team members and even coaches signe them.1was missing guess who. Mr arrogance.

  • DCB - 3 years ago

    Let's give "credit" where credit is due .... to our own Deion Sanders for starting all this ridiculous celebrating on the football field after a touchdown, tackle, gaining of 3 yards on a running play, or whatever. It's now crept down to the college level and if not already there, probably the high school and younger football leagues as well. How ridiculous. Coaches and owners are just as much to blame for allowing it to go on now as are the players themselves and their agents. Entertainment - hardly.

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