Do You Think Tracy Should Be Fired?

  • Sam - 4 years ago

    Yup it was a hoax. So obvious. No dash-cam footage. No bodies.

  • watchingadamsadmin - 5 years ago

    What did or did not happen at Sandy Hook and Tracy's claims about them is immaterial to his record of teaching, service, and scholarship as a professor. It appears that Tracy was terminated because the university was being pressured to do so and fabricated an "outside activities form" requirement as the pretext since Tracy's speech as a citizen is obviously protected.

  • Graham - 5 years ago

    Tracy is a liar and coward.
    Attacking those who grieve for innocent loved ones is despicable.
    He is nothing more than a useless blood sucking academic.

  • Carl - 5 years ago

    So glad this evil imbecile was fired. Nobody says Noah Pozner dies twice. Here's what happened: Noah Pozner was memorialized after Sandy Hook and his picture was on the Internet. A few months later there was a shooting at a school in Pakistan. A woman in Pakistan, upset, made a poster with victims of other school shootings from around the world, and it included a picture of Noah. A BBC segment after the Pakistan event included a shot of the poster. Conspiracy Wackos seized on it (falsely) as a claim that Noah died in Pakistan also. Conspiracy wackos including the evil Mr. James Tracy harassed the family of a murdered boy, the ultimate "insult to injury" or "salt in the would". Again, glad Mr. Tracy lost his job. I hope it goes downhill for him from there.

  • bob - 5 years ago

    Sandy Hook was obviously a hoax. Read Tracy's book and decide for yourself.

  • Joe Attorney - 5 years ago

    The biggest hurdle for most people is to believe that they're being lied to by their own government and the media. Yet a brief internet search on "false flag" events will show that's exactly what's happening.
    Another hurdle is to believe that our fellow citizens and trusted public officials would participate in -- or fail to expose -- a massive fraud they know has occurred. Yet anyone can be bought if the reward (or the threat) is substantial enough. If enough. Pozner has reportedly collected more than a million dollars in donations from the Sandy Hook event and has harassed anyone who threatens his account, including, apparently, his own brother-in-law
    James Tracy is a person of courage, honesty and integrity. Which is more than can be said of Mr. Pozner--or even the reporter of this story.

  • Euragone - 5 years ago

    Have the State Unseal the records and let the people of the country read them! They won't though.... I stand with Tracy! There isn't enough evedence to prove it happened...Sandy Hooks was a Training exercise to see how different agency could work together!

  • gg - 5 years ago

    I think he should be fired for two reasons. First, his "belief" (that the murders at Sandy Hook did not occur) lacks any support in fact, evidence or logic; that he can persist in this belief, in the face of overwhelming evidence [and I am a trial lawyer and thus know evidence when I see it] shows that he is too stupid to be a college professor. Skepticism is one thing; stupidity is another. He is not intellectually gifted enough to continue to teach college students at any institution. Second, his behavior is so chillingly cruel that he should be fired for indefensible human cruelty. The school should not continue to employ an individual who is so devoid of human compassion, as evidenced by his cruelty to the parents of Sandy Hook victims. His lack of morality and inability to empathize make him ineligible to serve as a teacher of young people. God forbid some of them take him for a role model and think that sadism towards innocent strangers is acceptable.

  • Landis Cole - 5 years ago

    I did it amusing - and annoying - that those who seek the truth about any bizarre happening are called "truthers", as if learning the truth should be avoided and we should just blindly accept the story as told by our government and its media. Shouldn't we all be seeking the truth?

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