Grade the Calvo administration's handling of GMH. (Poll Closed)

  • A
    1,197 votes

  • B
    11 votes

  • C
    33 votes

  • D
    40 votes

  • F
    235 votes


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  • Gregory - 4 years ago

    Steve Harvey will be our next celebrity!!

  • Gregory - 4 years ago

    Steve Harvey will be there next celebrity!!

  • baloney - 4 years ago

    These votes are coming all from GG employees, so PDN if you care for the people just do an IP address analysis and tell the people that your polls are fake

  • it-is - 4 years ago

    These "polls" are not in anyway serious or even close anytime it involves calvos performance when the votes go past the 1000 or so count, the comments related to the poll are far more relevant.

  • Norina Quinata - 4 years ago

    The Government of Guam Hospital "GMH" is in need of HELP and the government of Guam need to keep this Government Hospital .Governor, you have wonderful staff at GMH and I'm sure of that but where's the fund that they need to make this hospital a better place. If your staff are doing their best to keep this hospital in place why can't the officials do that?! Lets make this government hospital the best hospital for the people of Guam.

  • Angie Fejeran - 4 years ago

    The government of Guam need to focus on Guam Memorial Hospital, take care of your professional workers like nurses & other professional workers, those workers who are dealing with the patients and make sure they get paid well as well so they won't leave the only government hospital. Why pay more the people that just seat on the office than those workers that are dealing with patients. PDN please forward this to the Governors Office.

  • Michelle Gumabon - 4 years ago

    Oh Governor, GMH professionals don't get even get paid much look at those people working for the other agencies? I feel sorry for all your GMH Nurses & other professionals out there in GMH getting paid less they went to school and they work so hard yet but they were all taken for granted.
    and look at the newspaper today how much these people get paid those people working under the governor's appointees and other agencies, Really Sad!!!! :(

  • Basta Umbre - 4 years ago

    This poll wasn't rig, it just went through the same "glitch" Adelup experienced...BTW, Eric did you get your tax refund????

  • Basta Umbre - 4 years ago

    ah GMH wouldn't be in this situation if they did a good job...Give the bonuses to GMH and maybe i'll bring the grade up to a D minus LOL

  • Frankie SN - 4 years ago

    How can this poll show that over 1,000 people grade the administration an A for the handling of GMH, when it has been a sinking ship in the last few years. They cant pay their vendors, retirement shares and they just lost board members, meaning people that have no faith in the hospitals future. The urgent care center can't operate due to finances, and because of special interest by Senator Dennis Rodriguez who owns the liberty machines and other gambling gamerooms, they can't increase the taxes to give more money to GMH. I don't think GMH is a F either cause many people are surviving with the quality of the professionals working there. I give them a D, maybe a D- at worst. Governor needs to outsource the management of the hospital cause the government cannot make GMH a political dumping ground.

  • Tony G - 4 years ago


  • ISLA GUAHAN - 4 years ago

    Off everything that is going on in the government and GMH It just show how bad the government, The Island's only government hospital was left in the corner because they are busy endorsing the new hospital, who are the investors of the new Hospital? it just shows that the new hospital just wants to make money instead of helping the people of Guam. Whose lost? of course the people of Guam.
    Why give tax break to that new hospital if they can't take patients who doesn't have health insurance.
    Might as well go to St. Lukes Hospital in GLobal City where Guamanians-Chamorros are treated like Queens & Kings they have good facilities as well as the services and doctors nurses unlike with the new hospital good ambience but the services are not good, they don't treat patients like St. Lukes do. So we rather fly to Global City in St. Lukes than getting check in GMRC.

  • Steven K - 4 years ago

    500 votes in 30 minutes. I guess those Adelup hackers, I mean staffers, are earning their salaries today. At least make the votes look more realistic, but dalai, you make it so obvious. They don't even read the front page of the paper in all the problems at the hospital. Be humble, if you know there are problems then admit it. Stop lying to cover another lie. Plus the Adelup lackey Dennis Rodriguez is equal to blame. They know there are financial problems at GMH, but maybe if he focused on that instead of campaigning, then more money would have been available.

  • Really? - 4 years ago

    Really? How can we even have a fair poll? Steven K's comment is on the mark. It really doesn't make sense that the Governor's staff receive such an enormous amount of money from "retroactive" pay and vendors are just barely hanging on providing goods and services to GMH. It doesn't help when it was advertised that the GMH Administrator were having these "night out" dinners with doctors. I am sure ALL had working GovGuam employees deserve this, hence, this is why we have a "LABOR DAY PICNIC" annually. WAKE UP VOTERS! Is this what we really wanted? Really?

  • Steven K - 4 years ago

    The Adelup staffers will be waking up soon, and my guess is that by 6pm there will be 5,000 A votes and 300 F votes. Yes their highly paid, retro included, hackers will spend the next few hours controlling the outcome of this poll.

  • Deb Mesa - 4 years ago

    We need to be careful about any impeachment or recall discussions, since it will result in Ray Tenorio becoming the governor of a Guam. Be careful in what you ask for, and I am sure that would be a dangerous precedent. Tenorio has been equally if not more shady and these raises initiated from his actions.

  • Concerned Citizen - 4 years ago

    Giving political hires exorbitant pay raises for their hard work was very insulting to the hardworking staff and nurses at GMH, leaving their retirement dues unpaid, vendors unpaid, short of supplies to do their work, and abandoning ship to the only public hospital. A definite "F" for exerting zero effort to keep the ailing and struggling hospital to make ends meet.

  • Called The F>B>I> - 4 years ago

    More Money Will Be Gone.

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