Should Cambridge back away from animal testing?


  • vicki Hood - 8 years ago

    sue is absolutely correct as Sandie and Linda. Vivisetio is done for nothing but Money. Vivisection has no value to humans as cross species values are worthless. Our Lord so loved the animals and wanted no harm for them. Jesus was a vegetarian. Look it up.

  • Sue Marston - 8 years ago

    How revealing that the only option for "no" is "killing animals is wrong." How about the TRUTH? Aside from the fact that vivisection is evil (Gandhi called it 'the blackest of all man's black crimes against God and His creation') and includes the most horrendous tortures a deviant mind can conjure, it has been demonstrated to be the opposite of scientific. Because of species differences, it is like playing Russian Roulette. When a major book titled "Slaughter of The Innocent" (by medical editor and historian, Hans Ruesch) was released, and advance notices were released, revealing it's contents (information from doctors, scientists, and medical journals, confirming that vivisection is an expensive, cruel hoax), the network of "medical" corporations mad sure that book was pulled out of the bookstores, post-haste!! Then, when the author went to retrieve them from a warehouse, they had disappeared from there, too! Just one big, nasty way we are kept away from learning the truth. But there is a book online now, that everyone should read. Written by Dr. Pietro Croce, it is titled: "Vivisection or Science, A Choice To Make."

  • Sandie Perrins - 8 years ago

    Testing on animals is the most despicable, spiteful act any decent person could do. What makes us think we are more important than animals. It is us who have ruined the world and made hundreds of creatures extinct. We should be ashamed of ourselves, we have learned nothing through this barbaric practice and it has probably killed people as people react differently to animals. It needs to be stopped immediately.

  • Linda Alexander - 8 years ago

    Could someone explain to me what medical advances they have made from experimenting on our beautiful sentient beings. THEY CANT BECAUSE THERE ISNT ANY. It's cruel & barbaric. You need to test ON HUMANS - how about paedophiles and animal abuser, that's just a start.
    NO ANIMAL deserves what those fucking bastards do to them .... AND FOR WHAT?????????
    Cutting out the eyes of a nursing mother cat - just to see if that cat still has the INSTINCT!!!! It's true

  • Alison Wroe - 8 years ago

    Testing on animals is cruel and unnecessary in this day and age. It must stop!

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