Do you think the Tiyan purchase was a good deal? (Poll Closed)

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  • An Observer - 5 years ago

    Objectively speaking, it seems like the majority of people commenting here, both for and against, like to speculate based on erroneous and/or incomplete information using a single article to back all of their "claims". Unless someone here has access to any actually pertaining evidence (i.e. contracts or financial documentation) or is an expert on Guam government spending, GDOE, and/or this type of contract, perhaps leading each comment should be the phrase "In my non-expert opinion and based on no evidence, I believe that..." On the off chance that anyone has any of the aforementioned evidence, I would love to see any of it to learn more. Either way, I hope to see this matter and the truth brought to light and resolved.

  • Jackson - 5 years ago

    Gregory, the Adelup spinning is making us all dizzy. When you are dizzy, you end up accepting money that doesn't exist, and yet it pays off a debt that does exist.

  • Jackson - 5 years ago

    You know that there is a special interest in the whole Tiyan School deal, because Adelup trollers and hackers are once again rigging the poll. There is no way that 1300 people will be voting on the PDN poll today, as the question isn't as attractive. So I trust that those who did vote, predominantly agree it was a bad deal, because they know that too many middle men made money that taxpayers will be paying for years. Sad, but true.

  • Rick - 5 years ago

    Looks like the crook at Adelup got his robots to go and vote on this one too. How can this be a good deal when we could have build brand new schools (NOT SCHOOL BUT SCHOOLS) with this money.

  • Boy Upo - 5 years ago

    Idol, Boy Okra!

  • Gregory - 5 years ago

    All this Spinning is getting better?

  • Basta Umbre - 5 years ago

    Well the land was purchased from our govt by Cortec in the first place, then sold deal there but someone got kickback money for that transaction. with that amount a new school or 2 could've been built. Oh well, good to have another school to help with the 50-1 ratio at the high schools. Hoping for a better year.

  • Boy Okra - 5 years ago

    Hey @Steve K, don't go personal...
    Titi mo may Tato!... Betlog mo 1/4 !.... pwet mo walang butas!

  • Boy Okra - 5 years ago

    PDN's number are fictions.. that $200M is ridiculous!
    I believe it doesn't reach even $115M

  • joe Rag - 5 years ago

    How much of that $200 million came from Federal Money? Why are there no ethics violations here? Why is this guy still stealing more money from soldiers? If he works for the Federal Government they should be paying him, not using Guam Federal Money for personnel uses. We need to stand up and use $2million to sue those who sit in Guam Government now for all of these burdens they placed on us and place it on them.
    Surely 30 people can pay back $250 million faster than the 150,000 citizens on Guam!
    They can do this by getting a loan from Core Tech and Core Tech's illegal bank Finance Pro!
    Don't use my money to fill your pockets Governor Calvo and Ray Tenorio!

  • Steven k - 5 years ago

    I did check the facts and it was a terrible deal when it comes to costs. Plus I fear any contract this administration pursues because of all the schemes and conflicts, the people are paying more for them because hidden agendas and side deals are being made. The facts clearly show that some people made money on these contracts, and thus the taxpayers are paying more in the long run (including the children and grand children of Boy Okra). Yes we need more schools, but for educational purposes and not for some people to make an extra dime.

  • Boy Okra - 5 years ago

    Good Deal!
    More Schools!.. Please check first the Facts.. Tiyan School has the lower construction cost compared to other schools that has been constructed

  • Deb Mesa - 5 years ago

    Jane Doe, I don't think the gym is a problem, and this problem is not a new problem. Many have questioned this deal from the onset, because for the cost, another project could have been chosen. Plus this property was purchased from the governors chief of staff for $11M, and then sold back to the government (with the chief of staff's involvement) at over $200M with a school facility built on top. Too many questions here. The property alone is in question, as is the proximity of this school.

  • Concerned Citizen - 5 years ago


  • Janedoe - 5 years ago

    Yes I believe it was a good decision. We're more why is money the concern now? They have made so many other things happen and why only now is a gym that was needed for the school such a problem now?

  • johndoe - 5 years ago

    Hell No. Once again the Govvernor screwed the people of guam for self gain

  • Concerned citizen - 5 years ago

    Worst decision, ever! AG and OPA must look into this as it smells really fishy--used sense of urgency to expedite GDOE's needs to get through the negotiations under everyone's radar including the press. At $200M+, we could have gotten the 3 unfinished condo high rises next to GMH instead of delapitated buildings build in the 50s earmarked for demolition. The close relationship between Core Tech and the Administration is so obvious GovGu overpaid for the facilities tenfold.

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