If you were to rename Pueblo West to better represent our community identity, what would you name it?

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  • Linda A Philipps - 4 years ago

    Absolutely love the name Wild Horse.....part of the heritage, truly sounds western and free.

  • Marcie DeFoe - 4 years ago

    Desert West, West Plains & Prairie West - These names are representative our area before it was developed by McCulloch.

    Dark Sky West - Pueblo West is suppose to be a dark sky community.

    Adding the word WEST, after some of the other suggestions, would differentiate between those areas currently with that name, and our community.

  • Beverly Calvin - 4 years ago

    The name "Pueblo" has always had a negative view from other statewide cities. There is no value in having the word Pueblo in our communities name. I would suggest the name Long View because our community indeed has a view like few other cities in Colorado. We can see Pikes Peak to Spanish Peaks and Greenhorn Mt to the Western peaks near Canon City.

    We have a Long View, why not tout it instead of a crime riddled city?

    Bev Ccalvin

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