Do efforts targeting truckers make highways safer?


  • Roger - 8 years ago

    Follow the money. Taxation through citation.

  • John doe - 8 years ago

    Wtf...give tickets to cars and pickup trucks , that decide just to pass and cut right in front of big rigs .all that does is us picking up the ticket for following to close..cops don't see that , if they do rite away they say we're looking on trucks only not cars ..that's f***d up....

  • Derrick Woods - 8 years ago

    So let me get this straight you think ticketing the trained professional is better for the motoring public than the 4 wheelers who at least 90% are on cell phones while driving ! As a professional driver I know there are a lot of "Super know it all truckers" out there who also know just when & how to get around the target enforcement areas, so the only people who benefit from this are the cash strapped counties & the only ones hurt by this are the truckers who're just trying to make a decent wage to feed their families while the owners of the truck(companies) pass the buck of their faulty equipment to the barely over minimum wage driver ! What a country ! The rich get richer on the backs of the working poor ! I say stick to robbing & stealing & drug dealing there's no "Target enforcement areas for that & no worries at tax time either !

  • Johnie Raines - 8 years ago

    You always hear what truck drivers wrong and sure we are not perfect but what about the other drivers on the road why not do random stops on cars and people who pull campers and drive the big bus camper don't even have to take a test just get in and drive that's wrong but the dot bust on us driver they need to look in other places as safety on the roads instead of always looking at trucks thank you

  • Dale Glidden - 8 years ago

    This only makes my job harder and gives fmcsa the information to make it hard to make a living a lot of the trucks are company but the fines come out of the drivers pocket

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