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Posted 4 years.

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  • russell smith - 3 years ago

    Sadly it seem that most of the people that have a problem with wagons are people who are not home owners,a real house not a condo. they never visit home depot,buy plants, shrubs,lumber,or anything of size on a regular basis.have large dogs,kids and all the stuff that goes with it.most couples that (have it all) do it on a budget!,that is why the cts wagon did not go over big ($54.000 dollars ) for a family is really high!,the cts wagon had almost the same dimension as the buick century special wagon, I know we had both wagons at the same time.old wagon mine,new wagon the other half.we have loaded a cord of wood in both over the years, and they did it with (NO PROBLEMS) back ends went down about one inch,anyone with dogs or kids would NEVER drive a car like a sports car unless the want to clean up vomit from the passengers,or take their dogs to the vet with head injuries! they need to leave the (boy racer days behind) and grow up! The reason big suv's are so popular is that their not a lot of choice out there. reason wagons in europe are so popular is for just a little more money you get a lot more car.The car we use the most is a 92 buick roadmaster estate wagon, we are a gay couple that almost has it all ,the roadmaster is nice enough to go to car shows, and tow a trailer and haul large amounts of rocks (IN STYLE) do that with your'e big suv. I dont do this very much,but people with these negative views on wagons are comparing them to a sedan they are not the same car.

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