Should that lady be allowed back into the Facebook group?


  • V-Nasty - 7 years ago

    Yeah bruh! Of course.

  • Allie - 7 years ago

    Rod, I am so glad you brought up the issue with the lady in the Facebook group on the show. When I saw the ladies trying to get her together in the thread I immediately thought about some comedic bit I heard once (I think Chris Rock but I could be wrong) where they basically said, "White people, if your black friends tell you it's ok for you to say 'nigga' then they are not your friends." I really wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt at first but when she dropped that lame excuse about how SHE is comfortable with it then I knew right then, that she didn't have any real black friends and she had to go. I have non-black friends who have said nigga when we're reciting rap lyrics or something like that but right away I let them know what the deal is. I personally know them and don't have a problem hearing them say it in that context, HOWEVER, I don't speak for all black people and you better not say that shit in front of someone else because at that point your ass is grass and you're on your own.
    I tried to sympathize with her and think well she has been permitted in this predominantly black space where people are dropping the word nigga on almost every thread so maybe she just got caught up in the moment. But then I thought about the numerous gay friends I have who affectionately call each other fag and I have never once thought it was okay for me to do the same thing. Why? Because I am not apart of that community and as much as I consider myself and ally I don't share in that life experience to give MYSELF permission to say it.
    Smh... yeah unfortunately homegirl had to learn a hard lesson the hard way. Hopefully now she knows better and will do better.

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