What Do You Think of "Saucy" Images in Drawfriend?


  • RaspberryVonShrapnel - 9 years ago

    I have no idea what "saucy" is so I checked other :D

  • Who dat? - 9 years ago

    Hell, I'd be fine with outright clop if the artists who drew it didn't universally have absolutely awful senses of anatomy.

  • Shadow Rose - 9 years ago

    I really hate saucy content, be it MLP related or anything, really...

  • Caleb - 9 years ago

    @Mirabelle Like the gay minority, hmm? I don't think that minority should have been marriage rights either. Glad to know someone agrees with me. The gay minority is much more vocal than those who don't like saucy images.

    Seriously though, see Badly Drawn Turtle's response. There is no big deal here and no problem would be made by changing the system.

    If it's a personal argument to you and you really want the pony sauce, may I direct you to derpiboo.ru https://goo.gl/VbMdMu

    Tell my why there should not be two separate posts. Having separate posts will even make it easier for those actively searching for sauce. win-win.

  • Mirabelle - 9 years ago

    @Caleb Vocal minorities is what's turning our world into a huge pile of politically correct crap. I strongly disagree with you. Our little democracy decided, people don't mind or like it. Let's not create a forced problem where there is none at all.

  • Caleb - 9 years ago

    Even though a minority of people dislike having the saucy images, I think it's important that their voice is heard. Wouldn't it be easy to have a normal drawfriend and a saucy drawfriend as separate posts?

  • Avia - 9 years ago

    Let's be serious, most of us are over 20 years old. I'm pretty sure they could make this website with a +18 warning and they'd have almost the same traffic.

  • A Pony In Coat - 9 years ago

    As representative and family-friendly website, all contents should be TV-Y, in spirit of the show.

    I am against saucy and even suggestive stuff (per Derpibooru rating) on EQD, but not against such content in general.

  • klystron2010 - 9 years ago

    EQD needs more porn. That'll draw people to MLP in droves. :P

  • name - 9 years ago

    I used to be against...well, anything which wouldn't appear in the show itself, so only G-rated and not conflicting with canon were ok. Then as Hasbro suits started sticking their dicks into the creative process and the show went to shit, I stopped caring so much about the characters and their purity.

    The show's recovered somewhat from the dark days of S03 but I still don't care as much as I used to. Damage is already done. So sure, post whatever, idgaf.

  • Framwinkle - 9 years ago

    The saucy images are one of the main reasons why I don't recommend EQD when someone is just getting into the fandom, because I don't want to scare them off. Yes, they'll find that stuff eventually, but it's because of the saucy stuff that I can't say, "Oh, here's a great site you can go to for everything brony." I'd like EQD to be a place I can send someone when they ask what the show is all about and have them be in awe, instead of having to worry about them getting freaked out by horses in questionable positions and attire. EQD is so large, so notable in the brony fandom, that it kind of represents us, and those sort of images don't reflect well on us, especially to new or potential bronies.

  • WolfyourWolf - 9 years ago

    Could use one more answer: "some I love, some I hate".

  • Dogman15 - 9 years ago

    "Saucy" is anything that would be tagged as "questionable" or "suggestive" on Derpibooru. Nothing gory, grimdark, or explicit would ever be allowed on EqD, I don't think.

  • Badly Drawn Turtle - 9 years ago

    Other: I love saucy images, but I do not think they should be in a general drawfriend post. Because, you know, all-ages site. I would suggest a separate post for saucy images, perhaps compiled slightly less frequently than the main post, but I doubt anyone will listen.

  • Lt. M'Ress - 9 years ago

    3% of people in this poll are crybabies.

  • Frith - 9 years ago

    I appreciate that EqD posts saucy pictures, it reminds me that people are creatures with appetites whether they deny it or not.

  • Nightcolt - 9 years ago

    I agree with john, the criteria for "saucy" seem awfully low and their application is loosely enforced at best. As already mentioned, there often are uncensored images that are more suggestive than the average "saucy" ones.

  • John - 9 years ago

    I honestly can't even tell what the criteria is for saucy or not. Sometimes uncensored Drawfriend posts seem more risque to me than the "saucy" ones.

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