Which version do you like best?

  • Dee - 5 years ago

    I chose B as it was the closest but still needs a bit more cropping.
    the action is to the right of the subjects so having extra background on the right is balanced. however with the rule of thirds it needs more off the top in order to balance it out a bit more. I would crop the top down closer to the main subjects but still leave enough of the trees for the colour balance.
    fun idea.

  • Joyce - 5 years ago

    I like c. I like the balance of snow and grain and sky and love and dog and lady. How beautiful is the array of views we can see and feel and touch!! Thanks

  • Ellen Q - 5 years ago

    As a VERY amateur photographer, my take/interpretation/opinion is very largely based on the Rule of Thirds. I really like C because you (the subject) take up a solid third of the photo. The spacing in the other two feel a bit off to me because if you draw lines in thirds vertically and horizontally, you end up in the space between lines instead of on the intersection of two third lines. But on the whole, a really fun shot and with great color and contrast any way you slice it! :)

  • marlene - 5 years ago

    C has a nice variation in color and well positioned. One snap you can see a shadow of either you or the photographer and it detracts my eye from the picture. The other two look as if you need to edit your picture. Unless you know the skies the limit title the a picture really looks like it needs to be edited. Lovely color is C, I am fond of cornfields as I am a farmers daughter and it brings back fond memories for me too.

    This was a fun little exercise...thanks for sharing.

  • Donna Schmidt - 5 years ago

    I love the "golden" theme. I think of this picture as Golden Tree, Golden Girls (plural!) I love the contrast of the golden look against the white snow. Beautiful picture of nature and humanity! Love, Donna

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