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  • Bufo Calvin - 7 years ago

    Thanks for writing, Harold!

    I think that's an excellent point. It's amazing to me how clunky searching on Amazon can be (to purchase products) and how difficult it can be to interact with Amazon's records of our own activity.

    Here's a simple example:

    I like to look at the Skills for the Amazon Echo in the app. They recently made the results paged, rather than have to tap to move to the next set up Skills. I think there are ten Skills per page, and there are 14 pages.

    The problem is that you need to tap a Skill to learn about it...and when you get out of it, it puts you back on the first page.

    So, if I tap on a skill on page 5, I don't go back to page 5...I go to page 1.

    My intuition on these is that it isn't intentionally manipulative in some, due to rights issues, or done for interface optimization...I just think they haven't paid much attention to it.

  • Harold Delk - 7 years ago

    Amazon needs to allow us to create reports that are customized to our needs. As an example today I tried to create a History Report in order to create a spreadsheet to track ALL of my purchases. I received a .csv download which would have been perfect for my needs EXCEPT it excluded all Kindle e-books and Audiobooks; it includes only physical goods delivered and no electronic deliveries. Moving over to the lists of those items there is no way to create such a report. Why? Amazon has a state of the art database and could certainly provide a simple portal to retrieve the information to the users ... I have contacted CS to ask how I may do so ... Responses so far are that "we don't know" and we have escalated your request to elsewhere in our system. Seems like something that should be included in the history reports as a default. I like to track my purchases, but receiving only partial results makes it futile. Certainly the data is in the system; may I please access it?

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