New Poll! Who was the biggest stock market villain of 2015 (Poll Closed)


  • John david - 4 years ago

    Dan. What ever happened to your share website? This was quality back in the day in 2012

  • Jim Mellon - 4 years ago

    I would like to vote for Tom because he should go to jail. As mentioned at my pub for men in London. Ps I like girls in my private jet to vote TW as well.

  • Tom Winnifrith Mad Uncle Fred - 4 years ago

    Warning that Toms always been as fruity as a barn door. I bet his Christmas tree is still up and thats 20 years bad luck ! My feeling on the vote is vote for Tom as aim villian of 2015. Justice my lad and free speech.

  • Timmey Mallet - 4 years ago

    Wheelie Maybe the Mallet Sanderson is using running after girls all day has been used to vote for TW in the Poll ?

  • Wheelie - 4 years ago

    Some might say it's irrelevant but I think this example speaks volumes about the man.. I'll never forget TW literally shoving himself in front of S. Sanderson (UKOG) as he was answering audience questions… SS handled himself with class, he's old school but a gentleman and yeah he ran a little bit over but TW just so rude… No class.. no doubt he wouldn't have tried that on with someone his own size.. a bully.. imo

  • Invigiolator - 4 years ago

    How independent is your poll Levi? You were a crook 20 yrs ago. You may now have reformed but why should anyone be bothered to give you a second chance if you cant give Tom?

  • Justine - 4 years ago

    Pretend I can spell 'oversaturated'.

  • Justine - 4 years ago

    I'm just tired of Tom Winnifrith. People give him too much attention and we're oversatured by him and his views. We all need a breather.

  • Aim Investor - 4 years ago

    Enjoying this so bloody much. The man who tried to portray himself as God has been shown for what he is a lowlife toe rag. TW has gone mighty quiet. ????

  • BMD - 4 years ago

    Tom Winnifrith was , and I emphase 'Was' a force for good in general, sadly he surrounded himself with so called bloggers with no pedigree or experience in journalism who used shareProphets to pump & dump stocks.

    He even made one of them the editor because he was as TW said to me "the only one who could read & write" BB trolls/P&Ders masquerading as guardians of investors while selling as they conned people to buy.

    Hopefully TW will come back into the light.


  • Bob - 4 years ago

    Just tired of Winnifrith's hypocrital comments about the abuse of 'paid for' research, as an example, when he himself falsely 'ramped' the majority of his tips whilst at by the very same type of biased research from a company that t1ps actually owned! This enabled him to artificially boost the share prices of his tips and claim better performance figures. He came unstuck when the market saw through his illegal antics and then his funds were amongst the worst performing in the City.
    Add to that his almost obsessional vendetta against David Lenigas for monetary gain and you see the villain behind his two faces.

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