What was the Best Superhero RPG Product of 2015? Pick 3 (Poll Closed)

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  • Anthony N. Emmel - 5 years ago

    Mutants & Marvels 2.0 (Wishful Gaming) is my choice/vote in other.

  • TrippyHippy - 5 years ago

    So my nomination would be Mage; The Ascension (20th Anniversary).

    Despite is main association, as part of the World of Darkness, with horror tropes it's gameplay is basically that of a Supers game - in the mould of Grant Morrison's The Invisibles or Alan Moore's Promethea or (as is a common reference, The Matrix.

    It has occult references, and a nominal means of creating a spiritual journey for the protaganists, but it also has a colourful array of well motivated and rounded antagonists. Gameplay is based on dice pools, and a freeform magic system that allows players to create their own style of magic. This can be pretty powerful although limited by Paradox backlashes. Basically, you can bend reality to your will, but only so far before the collective unconsciousness reasserts itself.

    I've been playing in a campaign since the new edition arrived, and it honestly works as a more thoughtful, original style of postmodern supers gaming.

    But it's not on the poll.....

  • Terry Whisenant - 5 years ago

    Uh, wow. My adventure is on here... To Stand together

  • Andrew Collas - 5 years ago

    I would like to change my votes, is that possible? Sentinels of Echo City is brilliant!

  • Scott Casper - 5 years ago

    It's "Hideouts & Hoodlums", not Hideouts & Hoodlines. But thanks for listing that, and Supplement V individually!

  • Michael Surbrook - 5 years ago

    Woot! Larger Than Life made it!

  • Heath wilder - 5 years ago

    Wowee! Go Jason!

  • Gerry Saracco - 5 years ago

    Kind of bummed none of my products was even nominated :(

  • Dan Taylor - 5 years ago

    Went with other... Hero Happy Hour: Barroom Buddies & Bad Guys - GeekPunk ;)

  • simon w - 5 years ago

    Just a quick point - Triumphant - Spanish Edition is by Ediciones Epicismo

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