Should GovGuam offer a service to dispose of residential green waste? (Poll Closed)

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  • W.T.F - 4 years ago

    Really? can't offer to pick up Green Waste, Use to have Mulching services before and don't have the machine to do it this year and or burden the family to drop off at certain disposal location? WHY! This is why we have ppl dumping illegally at certain places, Dumping Grounds...Lets get our Government to Fund the equipment....Heck, they got a big pay raise, so why not get the funds.. Get the Mayors involved at your appropriate village, they too have to get involved...You know what! F@#$ it, burn the dang tree behind your house,...ppl will think your BBQing...Le Chi Man Gagu na tao tao! lol

  • Ferminia Bridges - 4 years ago

    Yes I welcome the green waste pickup. It is burdensome to take grass cutting somehere else and especially harder if you don't have a truck.

  • Santa Claus - 4 years ago

    Ho, ho, ho

  • Concerned citizen - 4 years ago

    I'm concerned that DPW's contractor can't event consistently pick up the recyclables, how much more the green waste? I welcome it though, saves me the trip to Yigo disposal site and my truck's wear and tear.

  • Chris Hoomana - 4 years ago

    It's about time, they think of something that will help Guam. Residence. A weekly pick up should help. Hope they pass legislation ASAP and enforce it. God Bless!

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