Rate your level of confidence in Gov. Eddie Calvo. (Poll Closed)

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  • Do not have a job/No land - 4 years ago

    How Can I Make A Comment When I Voted For This Administration/They Did Not Give Me A Job.

  • JOSH PETER CHOI - 4 years ago


  • Carl Guiterez - 4 years ago


    Fuck you Mr.Calvo:)

  • Against all calvos - 4 years ago

    Bunch of bullshit, they steal from the people and the island is confident, I wonder how many people the Calvos hired to get that high confident percent

  • Fuck the Calvos - 4 years ago

    Fuck that fraud....can't wait for him to get the fuck out of office!

  • fixed - 4 years ago

    Go to your web browser options, look for cache and clear it. Then you'll be able to vote as many times as you want

  • Rayray - 4 years ago

    I'm game. this poll is 4 the gullible and small minded who only glance at the paper. why not just vote positive for issues important to the politicians and their cronies. sure. the reality myself and many single or struggling parents have is with people in gov guam who don't correct the old systems and processes that keep us down. failing to use technology, review stupid policies that make us run around everywhere using up time and money for gas, and the attitudes like their doing us a favor.

  • Gov Guam employee - 4 years ago

    Thank you Gov Calvo for my huge pay raise , I assure you my family and relatives support you 100% please give us another bonus before you leave office , never mind what they say about you because we all know the Gov Guam family comes first and the rest of them can go suck it.
    Since my huge pay raise I've been able to buy a new car , iPads and I phones for my kids , we bbq almost every weekend and we have traveled off-island more often than usual . Biba Calvo ! Biba to our PAY RAISE ! The public doesn't understand our needs like our governor does, my kids used to go to public school now they go to St.Anthony school . Lol ! Life is Tao Tao great !

  • jon - 4 years ago

    Who in his/her right state of mind would say he or she has confidence in a bunch of thieves?

  • Buenas - 4 years ago

    Since the illegal raises he authorized, I do not have any confidence in him or his cabinet members anymore!!
    He should own up to what he did and just maybe, maybe I will have more respect for him.

  • Mandy Cayetano - 4 years ago

    Pacific Daily News since you always make the GOV.GUAM Administration look good can you say good things also about other agencies, GMH has problems financially and all that but report also that they have wonderful staff serving for the people of Guam and there are professional staff that stayed because they are not interested of the money GRMC are offering but they have dedication and love for the people of Guam and I give KUDOS to those Professional STAFF that stayed for our surviving Government Hospital, PDN always reports all the negative sides about GMH but I'm sure they have also positive side and have strengths be like "The Daily Post" they are fair in their reports.

  • Isla Guahan - 4 years ago

    I'm sure all the pro -admin, will be throwing their votes very confident. Be fair PDN, not one sided let people speak for the truth.

  • Felix - 4 years ago

    Governor & the cabinets - keep up the good works for the people of Guam

  • Michael Aguon - 4 years ago

    Governor of Guam, I am on your side. People of Guam has the best person they can ever have and there won't be anyone again. Thank You Mr. Governor and God Bless you and your family!!

    The Aguon Family in Dededo, Guam USA

  • Lourdes - 4 years ago

    Knew this poll would be fudged. When it comes to Eddie, I'm sure little munchkins are trolling the site to ensure he comes out on top, as always!

  • Roman - 4 years ago

    only confident in his prioritization of his network over the island

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