How much experience did you have before acquiring your first OBT?


  • Nicole - 4 years ago

    I must say I owned a pink toe for a month my first T then bought a Vietnam Blue and 2 OBT RCF now they were slings it’s now been a year and a half I have 30 Tarantulas so many old worlds and some new worlds as well now Iam also A 44 year old female and me and my 23 yr old son love and share in the hobby and everything we learned was from Toms Big Spiders so because I was fought right and respect the responsibility I feel that means a lot !

  • Korey Fuller - 5 years ago

    I had kept a couple tarantulas about 10 years prior to getting back into the hobby. I chose 1 to 6 months when in actuality the OBT was one of the species I purchased when getting back into the hobby. I purchase 6 tarantulas with a freebie which made 7 and the OBT was one of the six. I know I'm not an expert but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand how beautifully dangerous they could potentially be and as long as you respect that and take the necessary precautions when rehousing or feeding there shouldn't be a problem. I have always been fascinated with deadly invertebrates and have kept many over the years since a young child including black widows etc... Although my mother didn't like it when she would find out LOL I learned over the years to appreciate a creature's dangerous side so to say. I believe the OBT being a beginner tarantula is totally up to the person entering the hobby. Do your research and then decide if you think you are capable of caring for such a speedy and deadly trantula. I myself believe I am more than capable of doing so which is why I chose as one of my beginner species for getting back into the hobby. 10 years ago all I kept was a Rose Hair so yeah and OBT is a huge leap. I totally agree with it being for experienced keepers but at the same time I agree with it being for beginners as well but only if you have done your research and use common sense and take necessary precautions when handling this beautiful spider. Of course I don't mean physically holding the spider LOL

    Thx, xTN-ANTMANx

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