SPEAK UP: Do you think Dutchess County has a deer overpopulation problem? YESTERDAY'S RESULTS: Should the Tappan Zee Bridge have a new name? 30 YES, 198 NO (Poll Closed)

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  • Keith Brill - 4 years ago

    It's not so much overpopulation as it's over development. With all the new housing going up EVERYWHERE there is nowhere for the deer to go.

  • Marcy Schwartz - 4 years ago

    First, there is in fact no deer overpopulation in the wide vicinity around Vassar College, where the mass-shootings occur. Vassar dictates how many deer may live in our whole area, based on concepts and numbers that apply only to deer living in forests. Obviously, Vassar Farm, which is mostly open fields in the midst of suburbia, is not a "forest". Second, deer "overpopulation" means there is not enough resources to sustain the population, in that the deer are ill or fighting, or underfed. None of these apply. That the deer have acclimated to people due to rampant development in our area that resulted in destruction of the farms and woods they previously lived in is pretty amazing, and a testament to their intelligence, especially since deer naturally stay far away from humans. As to Lyme Disease, Dr. Richard Ostfeld of Cary Institute in Millbrook did extensive field and lab research, and published a book last year stating unequivocally that deer are not anywhere near the main cause of Lyme Disease. It is the black-footed mice and chipmunks that are primarily responsible for the spread of the ticks. Finally, to the woman whose daughter feared the deer--that is pretty sad. The mother was searching for food for her babies, so came closer to human habitats than she would normally. What an incredible experience for a child to see these wild animals close up. It is very sad to me that fear and killing are the human's reaction. Let me just say this--if you have a very smart dog, like I do, the deer are even much more intelligent than your dog. What kind of society are we, when the response to having these nonthreatening, highly intelligent animals appear in our neighborhoods, is to bait them with food, and then mass shoot them in the head?

  • Mart Warren - 4 years ago

    By the way, you really need a war on the mice because they are carrying the tics too. I don't see much publicity on that.

  • Mart Warren - 4 years ago

    If your daughter is afraid of deer grazing on the lawn, she is in big trouble. Try beeping a car horn or making a loud noise. They will run away. Teach her coping skills to deal with the world.

    By the way, she would have been just fine. But watch out for those squirrels.

  • Patricia DiRienzo - 4 years ago

    Deer have, during the years, eaten many of my bushes and flowers, as well as almost causing lyme disease to my son, due to the tics they carry. They prance around neighborhoods and are not afraid of people, unless they are chased away. Once, when two doe and several young deer were eating away bushes in front of my home, my daughter was unable to even approach our front door, afraid that the does would charge at her, in order to protect their offspring. Yes, they are living creatures and I do love watching them from a distance. But, now they even come to my fron door and stand in my parking spot, where I now live. What is the difference between hunters killing them or a cull? I see the cull as a safer way of reducing the number of deer in the area.

  • ? - 4 years ago

    Perhaps its a people overpopulation.

  • Lady LaGrange - 4 years ago

    Not sure so will not vote

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