Did you expect G.E. to leave Connecticut?

Posted 3 years.


  • Brian - 3 years ago

    I guess this is what they mean by #feelthebern

  • Evan - 3 years ago

    You people who are complaining about high taxes are in the wrong state! This is a tax and spend Democratic controlled state.

    They don't call em' " tax and spend save the murderers but kill the unborn children democrats" for nothing you know!!

    I wonder how many "soon to be jobless" GE employees will still be voting democrat? Of course they won't blame the Democrats.

    It's somehow connected to the rich Republicans who are in favor of smaller government and lower taxes.

    When I went to vote for our Republican mayor last year, I had to walk past the Democrat candidates. I swear I felt a tugging at my wallet as I walked past them! Just kidding...... Sort of.....

    Connecticut will do it again though. We (you) will vote for another Democratic governor.

    Isn't it funny how it seems you can never find someone to admit they voted for Obama or Malloy? Except for the people with rose colored glasses of course!

    To all my conservative/ Republican friends, I wish you all a happy, stress free tax season filled with many wonderfully applicable and meaningful deductions resulting in a large tax return.

    To my liberal, Democratic friends, I wish you all a happy, stress free deduction-less tax season resulting in a highly exorbitant amount of tax debt to make up for the abhorrent taxes everyone else is forced to pay in order to fund your liberal agendas.
    Happy Tax Season!!

  • Robert Trotta - 3 years ago

    I am sure that EVERYONE who reads and watches the news knew that GE was leaving EXCEPT for Malloy! I don't think he cares one way or another because I am sure that he has his eye on a job in Washington especially if Hillary wins!

  • fireman Bob - 3 years ago

    The state lawmakers just don't get it. The business climate in this state is horrible. I just started a business and the amount of bs and taxes just to get started are suffocating. Everytime I turn around the state is reaching into my pocket.

  • Gary - 3 years ago

    Sheryl McDowell,

    You are an embarrassment. Go back to elementary school and learn how to spell!


  • Bill Mackie - 3 years ago

    The gov while wining and dining with the president, doesn't give a rats ass about one of the major employers leaving the state. GE publicly made it known to Malloy that if he pushed his tax package they would relocate. Guess what they kept their promise. There will be nothing left in this state, but don't fear, they will just raise your taxes even more to compensate the los

  • Sheryl McDowell - 3 years ago

    I really hope they stay, reason to many companies are and have already left ct. Ct needs a lot of growed to bring ct back better and stronger then it ever has been.

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