Did DOOL Give Stefano DiMera a Deserving Exit?

  • Sharon Rainey - 4 years ago

    I think the writers could have made Stephano's exit a little more elaborate. Maybe a chance for him to exit the country and end up in Italy or something like that. His homeland where he could have passed away with a little bit of dignity.

  • Rick Roy - 4 years ago

    Joes health was failing, this was a quick end to a long story. If they were to be by his side while he died, wouldn't have done him any good. The way it went down is ok with me.

  • Joycebv - 4 years ago

    Stefano's death diminished Hope & Rafe. They were always the heroes of the show. Rafe & Hope were always known to do the right thing, no matter what sadness visited their lives, but by murdering Stefano in cold blood they showed that they lost their souls, and are no better than the DiMeras. It wasn't Stefano who died, but the good heroic characters of Hope Brady and Rafe Hernandes.
    The DAYS writers did their hero & heroine a great disservice. There are no redeeming qualities there.
    It's very sad.

  • Lynne Nese - 4 years ago

    Seriously, Annette! They should of tortured him.. I think the way he died was great, he instigated Hope, I just wish he was put in the dungeon to suffer!!! But, all that matters he finally got want he deserved!!!!

  • Annette Ostrom - 4 years ago

    Stephano deserved a more dignified exit than being thrown away like trash. He was better than that. JOSHEPH was better than that! After everything he's done over the decades to he people of Salem he did deserve his comeuppance. But to have him disposed of like that, is disgrace. There's no getting away with having Hope kill him. It's only fitting for her to avenge Bo's death, but I don't think Stephano had anything to do with it! I think Andre did! Stephano should have gone out with class because of the class act that he was. He can never be replaced. They broke the mold on this one. He will most surely be missed but NEVER forgotten! RIP Stephano DiMera. And Joseph, please take care, and be well. Enjoy your retirement. You gave me some of the most entertaining days of MY life, and I thank you for every one of them.

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