Who won the GOP debate tonight?

  • Javier - 6 years ago

    Pam, are you kidding right? People paid to vote for Trump? Come on, put a better comment on the table.
    May be you don't understand why or just don't like it, but all this people like me are real.
    It's simple, people got tired of all politicians. Do you really believe in someone like Hillary or you just voting for her because she is a democrat?
    Honestly, I don't care about democrats or republicans, I just want to live in a fantastic/great country again.
    Obama has a beautiful smile, he is a great speaker, but he has no idea how to run this country. He and his team are destroying America.

    Is Trump the ideal option? May be not, but he is the best we have now.
    God bless this wonderful country!

    Note: I'm an immigrant (sorry for my grammar mistakes) and I wasn't paid for my comment.

  • shirley - 6 years ago

    Vote Trump, Obama in almost 8 years gave 1% cola raise on SS and the VA i think it was like 5 or 10 dollars wow,But he gave his self and everyone in the white house a huge raise I don't like Obama he cuts SS and must not be proud of the military to give such a little cola,I hope peoples will vote for Trump i think he will be a great president and he cares for the citizens,Obama seems to care only for Muslims and Illegals and Hillary will destroy this Nation if she wins, we need our country back and have a president like Trump that will be for us. Vote Trump.

  • Big John - 6 years ago

    The only thing that concerns me about Trump is that he has enough followers to be leading in the polls. Think of it!

  • Cheryl - 6 years ago

    We love Trump!!

  • Nick - 6 years ago

    This man is not a politician, he's a real American. Look, I'm 37 years old and work as a heavy machine operator in Orlando Fl. I have never voted for a President. But now facing the madness of our country and where it is headed.... I can not allow myself to be fooled in the present... knowing the future for my children is at stake! Please join me and vote for Trump.... and make America Great Again!!!

  • shirley - 6 years ago

    He don't pay people like Hillary does, stop being racist against a good man that will keep America safe.

  • Pam Freeland - 6 years ago

    Ask how Trump can have so many more votes than other candidates everytime in debate polls. Trump has people (paid perhaps??) voting even before the debates start. We have been watching the polls, and can prove it. So, the polls are worthless as a measure, because the other candidates have actual fans that follow them and watch the debates to LEARN. Trump's people are just doing what they are paid to do.

  • gg - 6 years ago


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